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Best Tiny House Composting Toilet

We have created a list(In No Particular Order)of the best tiny home composting toilet options. We chose each of these toilets for their ability to function day to day as well as be on the move without spillage if you decide to take your tiny home on the road!

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The Ultimate Composting Toilet Guide

Want more information on composting toilets?Check Out -The Ultimate Composting Toilet Guide

Simply the most comprehensive resource on composting toilets today, learn the ins and outs of Composting Toilets in this eBook. Learn More

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What is a Composting Toilet

If you spend any time looking at what it takes to live off the grid or what you need to enjoy a tiny house lifestyle you will see a lot of discussion about composting toilets. But, what is a composting toilet?

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How Does a Composting Toilet Work

These systems allow you to safely deal with human waste, without relying on something very expensive, like a septic system, or being hooked up to the city sewer.

But, how do these eco-friendly toilets work?

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Compost Toilet User Capacity Comparison Chart

When picking out the best composting toilet for your set one things to consider is:

How many people will be using the compost toilet?

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How Urine Diverting Compost Toilet Works

A Urine Diverting Compost Toilet works by separating the solid and the liquid waste into two separate compartments. The separation is key to creating disposal waste and to minimize smell of a toilet.

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Nature's Head Composting Toilet Buyer's Guide

The Nature's Head Composting Toilet is one of the highest rated and best reviewed composting toilets available on the market.

This Guide will help you figure out what you need for the Nature's Head toilet. 

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Laveo Dry Flush Toilet Buyer's Guide

Made in Connecticut Dryflush toilet is by Laveo

A waterless, portable, travel toilet that can go months on the road without any smells or leaks, the Dryflush is half the price of composting toilets. 

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Sun-Mar Centrex Buyer's Guide

A whole waste water system replacement, the Sun-Mar Centrex units are all certified by the National Sanitation Foundation.

This Sun-Mar Centrex Buyer's Guide will help you figure out which Centrex and Centrex toilet is best for your needs. 

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