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    About Sun-Mar

    Started in 1971, the Sun-Mar was the first self-contained toilet that can evaporate liquids and compost solids. Sun-Mar Centrex systems are one of the only NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) certified. The Sun-Mar offers a self-contained toilet system for those without sewer or septic hookups.

    How Sun-Mar Works 

    The Sun Mar works by separating liquids from solids after entering the main composting chamber. The solids pass into the finishing drawer once broken down and liquids are evaporated away by heating tray and by an internal vent fan. When the liquids are evaporated off, then the solids are moved to the "finishing drawer" as they break down and are ready to be removed. 

    Sun-Mar Centrex Buyer's Guide

    Benefits of a Sun-Mar Toilet

    General Benefits Environmental Benefits
    • No plumbing
    • No Water
    • Odor-Free
    • Non-electric options
    • No pollution
    • Saves Water
    • Recycles nutrients
    • Little or No liquid Output


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