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    Splendide is a subsidiary company of Westland Sales, a company that supplies compact appliances to both RV and marine industries. Splendide manufactures compact washer and dryers and has been the leading company in its industry since 1984.

    Vented Vs. Unvented Combo

    The difference between a vented and an unvented washer and dryer combo is that vented requires vent access outdoors. This is typically meant for RV’s, boats, some apartment buildings, and can be used in some homes.

    Splendide’s vented washer and dryer combo can wash larger loads than what most combo machines can but saves more space, weighs less, and uses less resources at the same time. The electronic controls are easy to use and the motor technology makes for a low amount of noise.

    Splendide’s unvented washer and dryer combo is meant more for homes and apartments and requires no outside venting because it uses a unique condenser drying system. Because of this installation is a lot easier than installing a vented combo. This combo also has a built-in sound dampening system.

    Stackable Washer and Dryers

    Unlike the combo machines, stackable washer and dryers are made of two separate machines where one dries and one washes. This allows for a more time efficient clothes washing when washing multiple loads of clothes. If time isn’t an issue for you then investing in one of the combo machine would be best for you since they conserve more space.

    Stackable washer and dryers work best in homes but if you have an RV or a boat that has enough space for these appliances then you won’t be disappointed in these products. Its superior resource saving capabilities will save you both time and money.


    All Splendide appliances come with a 1 year labor warranty and a 5 year defective parts warranty.

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