Composting Toilet Expert Guides

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Each guide is downloadable and includes:

  • breakdown of how the toilet works
  • parts and accessories explanations
  • installation information
  • discounts and links to resources
  • customer reviews, feedback and FAQs
  • Find the toilet you are considering below, then click the image or the guide button to view.

    Nature's Head Expert Guide

    Get the Nature's Head Guide

    Laveo by Dry Flush Expert Guide

    Get the Laveo by Dry Flush Guide

    Sun-Mar Centrex Expert Guide

    Get the Sun-Mar Centrex Guide

    OGO Compost Toilet Expert Guide

    Coming soon...

    Separett Villa 9215 Expert Guide

    Coming soon...

    How to Use the Separett Villa

    Biolet A-series Expert Guide

    Coming soon...

    Dometic Masterflush Expert Guide

    Coming soon...