Zamp Portable - The Best Portable Solar Panel Overview

Nov 8, 2018


Zamp Solar Company:

Zamp Solar started selling solar kits on Ebay in 2010.  In a year with hard work and high quality products, Zamp grew out of their startup garage set up and set up shop in a 2,500 square foot building. They recognized a need for solar in the RV community and built up a large network of RV dealers to sell solar in the RV market.
Zamp specializes in easy to use and high quality solar panels and kits.

Zamp Solar is a USA based company that makes high quality and easy to install and use Solar Kits. Their solar kits free you from need of electrical connections or loud gas generators.

Zamp solar kits are the best kits for 12 Volt battery systems. The solar kits have everything you need to charge or maintain any traditional 12-volt battery bank or rechargeable lithium ion battery energy storage. 


The Zamp Portable Kit

Watts Amps L x W x H Weight
45  Watt Portable Kit  45 2.5 21.6" x 19.9" x 1.5" 11.25 lbs
90  Watt Portable Kit 90 5 21.6" x 19.9" x 3.1" 27 lbs
140 Watt Portable Kit 140 6.7 32.4" x 19.9" x 3.1" 32.75 lbs
180 Watt Portable Kit 180 10 39.5" x 19.9 " x 3.1" 34 lbs
200 Watt Portable Kit 230 12.6 39.5" x 26.5" x 3.1" 47 lbs

    Zamp Portables 

    • Available Wattage:
      • 45, 90, 140, 180,  230 Watts 
    • Mono crystalline solar Panels 
    • Made in the USA 
    • Water proof PWM Solar Charge Controller 
    • Widest selection of wattage ratings
    • Compressed Aluminium Frame 
    • Easy view solar bracket 
    • Molded power harness with built in fuse 
    • Tempered Glass (ability to withstand a golf ball size hail stone at 60mph) 
    • Class A High Efficiency, Highest quality Mono-crystalline Solar Panels 
    • Sturdy, nylon carrying case with handle included 

    Example of Zamp port: 

    Zamp Charging: 

    The Zamp Portable Solar Panel can charge your battery in one of two ways. You can directly hook up your Zamp portable to your batteries or plug it in via a Zamp port. The Zamp has a charge controller on the back so it cannot be used with other charge controllers.
    • Battery Hook Up 
    • Zamp Portable Port

    Portable Quick Start Guide: 

    Alligator Clip Install

    1. Remove Portable from the rigid nylon travel case 
    2. Unlatch the butterfly clasps and open panels flat
    3. Unfold tilt legs and place panels in direct sunlight
    4. Clip the red alligator clip to the positive battery terminal 
    5. You are now charging your batteries 

    *First time you use the unit you may need to configure the charge controller for the appropriate battery type

    Sidewall Solar Port Install 

    1. Remove Portable from rigid nylon travel case
    2. Unlatch the butterfly clasps and open panels flat
    3. Unfold tilt legs and place panels in direct sunlight
    4. Remove/unclip the alligator at the SAE connection
    5. Plug and SAE lead from the panel into the sidewall port on your RV
    6. You are now charging your batteries 


    With the largest variety of panel sizes, you will find the perfect amount of power for whatever adventures you plan going on: 

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