Aqua2Use is a company based in Australia that created a grey water reuse system. Grey water is relatively clean water from baths, washing machines, and sinks. For this particular system the water cleaned from the filter would be then sent to your lawn to water your grass. They created this filter when Australia had a severe drought in 2008 that prevented excessive use of water usage and have been selling these filter all around the world since.

    Why Aqua2Use?

    The Aqua2Use filter can be used both in households and in businesses. Some of the industries that use this grey water filter are:

    • Wastewater biological treatment
    • 2nd and 3rd sewage treatment plants
    • Aquaculture high density recirculation systems
    • Pond mechanical and biological filtration systems
    • Winery wastewater treatment
    • Biotower for air scrubbing

    If you’re looking for a filter to reuse water in your home an Aqua2Use filter is a good choice. It conserves water and money in an 100% safe way. This filter is eco friendly because it uses very little energy and electricity to use which also makes it cost efficient.

    Greywater Diversion Device

    The GWDD is a 4 stage system that allows the filters to catch high levels of impurities in the water without getting plugged. This device is a very compact system that can fit in most any small space and is also very easy to connect to any source of water.

    Cleaning out the system is also a very easy process. The filters need to be cleaned out every 6 months which is a simple process. Simply take the filters out of the system and wash them out with a hose. There are replacement filter you can also buy if they get too worn out.

    The greywater diversion device diverts water from your shower, sink, and washing machine to the filter system and then irrigates the water to your lawn and flower gardens. This whole process saves you money as well as water treatment plants that no longer need to treat as much water.


    For the GWDD there is a 1 year warranty on any manufacturing defects.

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