BioLet is a company that manufactures composting toilets. The original company started in Sweden and after accepting an award for outstanding design for an environmental product at the International Inventors Exhibition decided to incorporate in the US. Over the years BioLet has continued to receive awards such as the Svan Ecolabel.

    Available Toilets

    BioLet has upgraded their toilet designs over the past 40+ years. Their company supplies some of the cheapest composting toilets in the world while keeping their good quality. Here are some of their most popular models:

    • The BIOLET15a is the original composting toilet of BioLet. It’s designed with a quiet fan, a heater controlled by a thermostat, and a manual mixing control to help the composting get along. Along with the easy installation this toilet is sure to make handling and maintenance carefree.
    • The BIOLET25a is the world’s first automatic composting toilet. It is an upgraded version of the BIOLET15 and includes an automatic mixing system as well as more heaters for better function.
    • The BIOLET65a is the newest model of BioLet toilets. It has even more automatic features than the BIOLET25 and has a larger capacity. The newest feature would be the active liquid control sensor.


    BioLet offers a 3 year warranty for any toilet parts that have manufacturing defects. They also offer a lifetime warranty for toilet body parts such as the tray, tank, and the base.

    How Do They Work?

    The purpose of a composting toilet is to optimize the decomposition process and speed things up. Heating and air components in the tank help to evaporate liquids that can then escape through a ventilation pipe that runs through the back of the toilet.

    Gasses will not escape back up the toilet because there are trap doors that open up when someone sits on the toilet. Closing the lid of the toilet activates the mixer in the top chamber distributing moisture. When the matter has been effectively composted it then falls down into the lower chamber which is then later emptied.

    A floater is installed in the chamber to detect if too much liquid has been added to the toilet. If this happens a second heater is then activated to speed the process up. About once a week mulch should be added to the designated area in your toilet instructions.

    There is also a thermostat included with the toilet that adds the proper amount of heat to the compost depending on how many people are using the toilet. If you plan on leaving the toilet alone for more than two days then it must be turned off.

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