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    Composting toilets are toilets that speed up the decomposition of human waste by the use of heat, air, and movement. Because the majority of human waste is liquid a lot of it is simply evaporated out through a ventilation pipe. The leftover waste is what needs to be removed.

    Benefits of a Composting Toilet

    There are many reasons why a person would want to buy a composting toilet and many opportunities to do so. Most people get them for their cabins but they work perfectly well in homes as well as RV’s and any other place you would need a toilet.

    Here are a couple of reasons why a composting toilet is something to consider:

    • These toilets are very easy to use anywhere you need them to be. Many models are portable and a lot of people decide to bring them along during camping trips and other such things.
    • Not only are you helping the environment and reducing your carbon footprint by not sending your crap to sanitation centers but if you have a green thumb you have your own stock of fresh fertilizer. Just like using cow manure human manure can work just as well.

    Differences in Toilets

    Different manufacturers of composting toilets will have their own patented design for their toilets but they all work very similarly. Designs can be a lot better than others which tend to be more costly but in the end will save you a lot of heartache and time.

    Just like any other composting process it requires extra matter to speed up the compost process. Most companies have their own brands of mulch that they recommend you use but a good mulch will work with any toilet.

    Common Concerns

    Composting toilets can be an odd concept to a lot of people but that’s no reason to divert your interest. There are a lot of benefits to investing in a compost toilet but the main one is helping your environment. Here are a couple of common concerns with having a composting toilet:

  • Does it stink? Most all toilets come with a ventilation system that empties outside of your house or the space. Often times there’s a trap door contraption in your toilet that blocks gasses from coming out of the toilet and open back up when someone sits on the toilet. The outside where the ventilation pipe is might have an odor.
  • How often must it be emptied? It depends on the toilet, how many people are using it, and how often. Toilets will come with specifications on when to empty it along with how often to add mulch. Typically, you should only have to empty it every 2-4 weeks. If you have a lot of guests over it might be every week. It is not to be used during a party or a super large gathering. You’ll be emptying it every hour.
  • How much do they cost? Composting toilets vary in cost depending on the quality of the toilet. If you want a good quality toilet you’ll want to spend around $2,000. Do not spend your money on a low quality toilet. I’ve heard many horror stories about bad quality composting toilets.
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