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    Solar Generators

    Solar generators are boxes that store energy received from the sun. These boxes can be used to jump start a car, charge phones during a camping trip, and help in any other situation you might need electricity.

    A solar generator can be used on a ton of different things but every application uses a different amount of electricity. The size and quality of your generator can also determine how long your generator is going to last. A good generator is going to cost around $2,000-$3,000.

    Generators can be very useful during power outages and are often used to keep products in your fridge usable. A good solar generator can keep a fridge running for about 1-2 hours. Other things like power tools and televisions will eat up the energy in your generator.

    Solar generators are very handy during camping trips or similar outings where you need a source of energy for charging phones or GPS systems. If you’re using it for purposes like this then it can last up to 250 hours. It all depends on what you plan on charging with your solar generator.

    Solar Panels

    To charge your solar generator with solar power you’re going to need a solar panel. Solar energy is still a relatively new concept but is gaining popularity all over the world. Some cities in Europe generate more than 75% of their cities energy through solar power.

    Solar panels are a great alternative energy source. They allow the photons from the sunlight to knock electrons free from atoms which gives it its supply of energy which can then be used just as normal electricity would. It’s a very affordable alternative and reduces the carbon footprint immensely.

    Why Solar Energy?

    There are many reasons why we should focus more on collecting solar energy rather than using fossil fuels. The main reason would be the amount of income we would save. Buying the solar panels would be your only cost because there is no variable cost to collecting sunlight.

    Another very big reason is the lack of CO2 emissions that come with solar energy. Factories that produce fuel and electricity using fossil fuels is very toxic to the planet which is why so many countries are trying to use alternative ways.

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