Marey is a company that manufactures tankless water heaters. Their aim as a company is to provide products that are up to date with modern technology but are at the most reasonable price in the water heater market. They’re well on their way to becoming the #1 energy-efficient solutions provider worldwide.

    Tankless Gas Water Heaters

    Gas water heaters uses 60% less electricity than your conventional water heater which makes it an environmentally friendly and cost efficient decision. They’re designed to make installation easy and compact and they heat unlimited amounts of water.

    These gas water heaters come with either a duct exhaust or a force exhaust depending on what you home capabilities are and what you’d prefer. There is also a portable gas water heater option that includes a shower head for your camping needs.


    Different water heaters will have a different limited warranty but all warranties only cover manufacturing defects for the original owner. Most water heaters have a warranty that lasts up to 5 years on both the parts and the actual water heater.

    Tankless Electric Water Heaters

    Electric water heaters are designed to be more technology savvy and easier to use over the gas water heaters because they include display settings and are easier to take care of. These water heaters don’t collect water sediment because the water never comes into contact with the heating element which makes this water heater even more long lasting. It must be installed within 40 feet of the water application.

    These water heaters are designed for point of use areas, whole houses, and also come in mini tank heaters:

    • Point of use water heaters act as a source of water in themselves. Often times they have a showerhead or water spigot installed in them for simple use. They usually are attached to water hoses and can be used for only a limited amount of time.
    • Whole house water heaters are designed with more power because houses have more sources of hot water. Different water heaters work better for different houses depending on how many sources of hot water you have. Apartments and townhouses will require less power.
    • Mini water tanks are used mostly for one source of hot water rather than supplying to multiple sources of water. These are very compact water heaters that are kept close to the water application.

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