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    Ryse Energy is a company that supplies wind turbines. They strongly promote the use of both wind and solar energy. During the summer you’ll get more energy from your solar energy and wind tends to be stronger during the winter season so you’ll get more energy from your wind turbine.

    Why Wind?

    Often times people use the argument that wind turbines require enough energy to use the amount it produces. This is often true with poorly designed wind turbine but Ryse Energy has been using designs that will help produce energy in the most efficient ways without wasting it.

    During the summer, wind is usually very minimal so solar power is going to be a better investment during this time. However, because air become more dense in the cold it tends to be more windy during the winter months. This is why a lot of people decide to invest in both solar and wind energy.

    Air 40 Wind Turbine


     The Air 40 wind turbine is best for remote homes, marine environments, and recreational vehicles. All turbines manufactured by Ryse Energy are going to be the same quality but Air 40 is one of the most quiet of the wind turbines.

    It’s primarily designed to capture wind more efficiently than most wind turbines so it’s perfect for areas with low wind power. On average it produces about 40 kWh a month and is also often paired with a solar energy applicant.


    All Ryse Energy Windpower products are given a limited warranty of 5 years that will only cover manufacturing defects.

    Air Breeze Wind Turbine

     The Air Breeze wind turbine is best used for remote homes, marine environments, and recreational vehicles. It’s the most popular small turbine for sea vessels because it provides the most in the most challenging weather conditions.

    Because it’s often used in marine areas it’s made from corrosion resistant material to increase durability. The Air Breeze wind turbine produces on average about 40 kWh a month and is often paired with a solar energy panel.

    Air 30 Wind Turbine

     The Air 30 wind turbine is best for off-grid land-based environments that supply a large amount of wind which include railroads and coastal applications. This turbine should not be used for marine environments. It’s made out of durable yet lightweight materials that will make it easy to set up and make repairs less frequent.

    This turbine is commonly paired with a solar power unit for optimal power storage throughout the year. However, the turbine alone produces on average about 30 kWh a month in high wind environments. Air 30 is meant for higher wind regimes.


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