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    Separett Waterless Toilets

    Waterless toilets by Separett are the leaders in environmental oriented alternatives to traditional toilet systems. "We have been manufacturing waterless, urine separating (urine diverting) toilets for 30 years", says Mikael Billsund, CEO at the Separett company. 

    Separett Toilet Benefits

    In terms of design, stability, comfort and use, the Separett toilet is the equal of a modern, conventional, WC in every way. It has benefits that the conventional toilet does not: The liquid and the solid waste are separated and stored into two different containers. When urine and solid waste are mixed, they starts to ferment. In the Separett toilet no such process occurs - and thanks to that, no unpleasant smell either.

    Separett toilet produces the most fertile fertilizer. The separation process makes it possible to recycle the solid waste back to nature as an organic fertilizer. The process inactivates human pathogens so that the waste harmlessly can be composted. Handling the liquid waste is easy and simple and when it is mixed with eight parts water in our Ejektortank, it becomes the best fertilizer ever for your flower garden! No expensive sewage systems are needed and certainly not flushing water is a great benefit to the environment.

    Separett Toilet Options

    With Separett AC and AC/DC versions, the waterless composting toilet is usable on grid or off grid. All of Separett toilets are Urine Diverting toilets. All of the units are great if you don't have access to water or sewer hook up. 

    • Separett Villa 9215: off grid, ships for use with either DC/battery power or standard AC Charger. 
    • Separett Weekender: Perfect for those that want the compostable toilet at an affordable price. The fan runs off of 12 volts DC.  
    • Separett Rescue Camping Toilet Kit: Perfect for camping and temporary on site services. Solid waste is collected within a compostable bag that you can easily remove, bury, or burned. 

    Want to learn more? Check out our Separett FAQ Page

    How the Separett Works 

    Urine Diverting Toilet: The solids and the and the liquids are separated and are diverted into two different areas. 
    • Liquid waste: diverted into a drain pit, storage tank, or waste water system. 
    • Solid Waste: stored in solids bins in compostable bags
    Fan and venting: The fan helps vent and dry any solid waste and vent any odor.
    Biodegradable Bag: The bags go into the solids bin. Each toilet ships with roll of ten bags. These bags are great because they can slowly disintegrate in the ground or in your composter.

    Separett Villa Installation Requirements

    • Electrical: You have two options. You can either hook up your Separett Villa to a 12V DC battery source, or plug it directly into the wall. 
    • Ventilation: The fan pulls air through the toilet and out the vent pipe. The vent pipe comes out of the top of the toilet, where it can be directed outside through the wall or straight up to the ceiling. 
    • Liquid Outlet: The urine outlet is at the rear of the unit and can be led to domestic waste water pipe, soak away, or holding tank. 
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