Waterless toilets by Separett are the leaders in environmental oriented alternatives to traditional toilet systems. "We have been manufacturing waterless, urine separating (urine diverting) toilets for 30 years", says Mikael Billsund, CEO at the Separett company.

Separett Waterless Toilets

In terms of design, stability, comfort and use, the Separett toilet is the equal of a modern, conventional, WC in every way. It has benefits that the conventional toilet does not: The liquid and the solid waste are separated and stored into two different containers. When urine and solid waste are mixed, they starts to ferment. In the Separett toilet no such process occurs - and thanks to that, no unpleasant smell either.

In the end, the Separett toilet produces the most fertile fertilizer. The separation process makes it possible to recycle the solid waste back to nature as an organic fertilizer. The process inactivates human pathogens so that the waste harmlessly can be composted. Handling the liquid waste is easy and simple and when it is mixed with eight parts water in our Ejektortank, it becomes the best fertilizer ever for your flower garden! No expensive sewage systems are needed and certainly not flushing water is a great benefit to the environment.


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