Sun-Mar Centrex Buyer's Guide

May 10, 2018

Sun-Mar Centrex Buyer's Guide

The Sun-Mar Centrex systems are the flagship of the Sun-Mar brand. A whole waste water system replacement, the Sun-Mar Centrex units are all certified by the National Sanitation Foundation.

This Sun-Mar Centrex Buyer's Guide will help you figure out which Centrex and Centrex toilet is best for your needs. 

How does the Sun-Mar Centrex work? 

The waste in the Centrex system is moved by small amounts of water or gravity to a larger centralized compost system where the waste can fully decompose over time before removal. The solids and liquids are separated in the patented bio-drum inside the composting container.

In the container, the solids and liquids are separated. The liquids are evaporated off and the solids are moved into the "Finishing Drawer" as they break down and are ready to be removed as fully usable compost. 

If you are interested in all the items Sun-Mar has to offer I would recommend looking at: 

Sun-Mar Centrex Buyer's Checklist 

All the Sun-Mar Centrex models need to be vented. When deciding to buy a Centrex you need to figure out what you need or have access to. 

  • Do you have access to electricity?
    • NE - No Electricity 
    • Electric - Uses Electricity
  • What size do you need? How many people are going to use this? 
  • Do you have access to water?
    • DRY system 
      • AF Waterless Toilet 
      • AF Waterless Elongated Toilet
    • WET system 
      • 510 Low Flush Toilet
      • 511 Low Flush Toilet

Sun Mar Centrex Power  - Electric or Non Electric (NE)? 

If the Sun-Mar Centrex product name is labeled NE then it means it is Non-Electric.
  • The Non Electric take longer to evaporate the liquid in your waste. This is why NE models have a lower user capacity. Though cheaper, this also means that a NE model will take longer to compost waste than its counterpart.
  • Any NE system can be converted into a AC/DC system with a AC/DC Kit 
  • If you are non electric but want to run the 12 volt exhaust fan, then we would recommend the Sun-Mar 10 Watt Solar Panel. 

    If the Sun-Mar Centrex also comes with Electric option. The electricity helps run the fan 24 hours a day. The electricity is also for a controlled heater. The heater with the fan help evaporate the liquid. The unit plugs into a three prong electrical outlet. 

      Centrex User Capacity Size 

      The Sun-Mar Centrex comes in 3 sizes:

      These sizes indicate how many people are going to use it. The following chart helps break down the user capacity of each system. 

      Sun-Mar WET or DRY system? 

      Sun-Mar Centrex models come in either a wet WET or DRY system. The WET system uses a water and the DRY system does not use water. If you want a WET system you pick a Low Flush toilet. If you want a DRY system, you pick a waterless toilet.

      The second difference between the WET and DRY system is the composting bulking material. For DRY systems you use the green bulking material. For the WET system you use the blue bulking material. 

      Centrex DRY System:

      • DRY Toilet: The main difference between the two Waterless toilet is the seat size. The Elongated toilet just has a longer seat than the Waterless Dry Toilet. 
        • AF Waterless Dry Toilet
          • Seat Height: 15" (regular size toilet) 
          • Weight: 15 lbs 
          • Size: 16" W x 23.25" D 
        • AF Waterless Elongated Dry Toilet - the seat is elongated for extra comfort 
          • Seat Height: 18" 
          • Weight: 25 lbs
          • Size: 16.1" W x 24.6 D 
      • Sure Blue Bulking Material

      Centrex WET System:

      • WET Toilet - Wet toilets uses 1 pint water flush toilet. To flush, you use a simple foot pedal. When you use the pedal the water valve opens and fills the bowl with water when lifted.
        • 510 Low Flush - size of regular toilet 
          • Seat Height: 17.125" 
          • Weight: 45 lbs 
          • Size: 15.25" W x 20.5" D 
        • 511 Low Flush - If you need extra height for gravity to feed into the composting toilet, then you can mount this toilet on a platform. 
          • Seat Height: 13" 
          • Weight: 43 lbs 
          • Size: 17.25" W x 20.5" D 
      • Sure Green Bulking Material 

       Sun-Mar Centrex Toilet Resources: 


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