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Sun-Mar Compact Composting Toilet

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  • Sun-Mar Compact Composting Toilet

    The Sun-Mar Compact Composting Toilet is ideal for cabanas, cabins, guest houses, light cottage use or any remote place where there is an electrical connection but no plumbing. Completely self contained, the Compact is a simple solution.

    A compost toilet is a great way to save thousands of gallons of water each year and dramatically reduce your foot print on the environment.

    Not only will this unit save you thousands on septic installation and maintenance, you are also helping the environment, saving water, and living green!

    Full Time and Part Time User Capacities


    • Height Width Depth: 28.5" x 21.5" x 33"
    • Depth Required to Remove Drawer: 45"
    • Weight: 50Lbs


    • Max Amps: 2
    • Fan Watts: 35
    • Heater Watts: 200
    • Ave Power Use in Watts: 125 

    Suggested Bulking Material

    Sun-Mar Compact User and Installation Manual

    Compact Composting Toilet User Manual

    Want To Learn More About Compost Toilets?

    Be sure to check out our book! Just released, The Ultimate Composting Toilet Guide - Everything You Need to Know About Composting Toilets.

    The Ultimate Composting Toilet Guide

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    Why use a Sun-Mar composting toilet?

    General Benefits:

    • no plumbing
    • no water
    • odor-free
    • inexpensive solution

    Environmental Benefits:

    • no pollution
    • saves water
    • recycles nutrients
    • little or no liquid output

    To install, simply plug into a regular 110V outlet and connect the supplied 2 inch vent stack. Seasonal capacity: 3 adults or families of 4. Residential use: 1 adult or family of 2

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  • Can I merge my vent with my plumbing vent?

    No. We realize that this will make your installation easier, but if the toilet is not installed on its own vent, turbulation of the air in the vent will hamper the airflow, and may lead to odors. In addition, vents connected to other devices (such as sinks, etc.) will start to smell of ammonia. The toilet needs to be on its own vent in order to function correctly.

    Do I really need an overflow drain with a non-electric or central flushing system?

    Yes. You will definitely have overflow leachate in both of these situations, even in very limited usage. If a drain is not connected, the overflow could end up in your bathroom, and not down the drain pipe.

    I am not very handy. Can you install the unit for me?

    Although our units are designed for the do-it-yourselfer to install and maintain, there are other options available. Some of our dealers will either install the units themselves for an extra charge which they determine, or they will be able to refer you to someone who can. If your Sun-Mar dealer is not able to provide this service, or there is no dealer near you, a local handyman should have all of the skills necessary to install your unit.

    How many bends can I put in the vent pipe?

    More than 3 90° bends will disrupt airflow. We also do not recommend any horizontal lengths (no matter how short) or downward dips of the pipe. Fasten your pipe to the structure with the supplied brackets to prevent settling.

    I have a waste pipe run close to 20 feet long. Anything extra I should do?

    Yes. Install a cleanout valve at each elbow to allow for removal of any clogging material. Ideally, you should keep the waste run as short as possible. Sun-Mar does not recommend installation of horizontal waste runs over 20 feet, as it can lead to problems with clogging.

    I am installing a Sealand on a 2 hole flange. What should I do?

    Line up the flange with the bottom of the pedestal, and mark 2 extra drill holes that line up with the floor bolts. If you do not want to do this, 4-hole flanges are available from Sun-Mar for a small charge. Buy the special Sealand floor flange with the Sealand for a small extra charge - it saves you the trouble of modifying a universal flange.

    I have a metal roof/obstruction/other. Do I have to terminate the vent above the roofline?

    Yes. If this means putting a couple of 45° bends in to get it around the eave, do so. If the vent terminates under an eave, the air from the vent will downdraft over the property possibly causing a urine smell to occur. Ideally the vent should be installed to 2-3 feet above the peak of the roof to prevent downdraft.

    My bathroom can get below 55° F at night, or any other time. Will this affect composting?

    Yes. If the unit is being used all of the time, you will need to install an additional heat source or leave the heat on to the area where the composter is located. If you are only using it occasionally on weekends during this time, don't worry about it.

    What is the "soft sealant" referred to in the manual?

    Silicone caulking.

    I want to make modifications to the unit. Will this void my warranty?

    Call us at 905-332-1314 before making any modifications to the composter itself. We may be able to offer you suggestions that do not include modifications to the unit. If the modification is cleared with Sun-Mar (directly, not a dealer) it will not void your warranty. We want to work with you to make sure that your unit fits your needs - even if your needs change after the sale.

    Do I need the vent?

    Yes. Absolutely.

    How will I secure the stack if I install it as high as 2-3 feet above the peak of the roof?

    Guide wires. These should be available at your local hardware store, and you may have already used them for other applications.

    Where does the diffuser go?

    On top of the vent stack.

    Wouldn't a wind turbine be better than the open diffuser?

    The diffuser is a deceptively simple device. It actually prevents most rain and snow from entering your stack. While wind turbines would do the same, when there is no wind to turn them they act as a blockage at the top of the stack, and can create urine odor in the bathroom.


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