Wyoming Tiny Home Builders

Wyoming is home to a couple different tiny home builders that are sure to delight!

Check out both and we're sure you won't be disapointed.

Teton Building Systems

Teton Building Systems Tiny Home Builder Wyoming

Teton Building Sytems' units can be built as tiny houses, stand alone cabins, modulars set on foundations, or built on chassis as 'Recreational Park Trailers' - which are considered RV's and can often be placed without building permits and are property tax exempt! (check your local codes).

Etna, Wyoming
Phone: 307-883-4943 

Wheelhaus Tiny Houses

Wheelhaus Tiny Homes Wyoming

Wheelhaus Luxury Modular Dwellings are for sale & can be delivered to any location in the US or Canada. At Wheelhaus we provide and array of tiny house designs to meet all your needs. We have been building and manufacturing tiny homes since 2006 and we know exactly what you want to see in a tiny house. We prefab all our homes off site and deliver the finished modular cabin to your desired location.

Jackson, Wyoming
Phone: 307-733-7700

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