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    Laveo Dry Flush History  

    Laveo Dry Flush Toilets were developed by two engineers and business partners who had a vision and saw a need for this type of technology in areas where electricity and water hookups were simply not possible or practical.

    The company was formed in Hamden, CT and was incorporated in January 2012 by President and Owner Robert Roczynski after several years of exhaustive research and tester were completed.

    Dry Flush Toilets

    Laveo Dry Flush Toilet

    The results of those efforts was the Laveo by Dry Flush! A truly portable, light weight, waterless, chemical free toilet!

    The Laveo by Dry Flush Toilet can literally be used ANYWHERE. It's light-weight design and battery operated functionality allow this toilet to be taken on the road, a boat, tiny homes, RVs, travel trailers, you name it, this toilet can handle it!

    The Laveo Dry Flush is low maintenance. There's no need for wastewater/black water pumping/dumping or adding of chemicals. As the waste bagging system is isolated in an airtight compartment, there is no odor or spillage.

    The Dry Flush is extremely sturdy and strong. Extremely stable when sitting on a flat surface. Weight-tested to 550lbs., it is ready-to-use out of the box! There is nothing as clean, portable and accommodating as the Dry Flush system on the market today!

    How Laveo Dry Flush works:

    Laveo Dry Flush Toilet is a self contained, battery powered, portable toilet perfect to go anywhere. The waterless dry flush toilet uses self sealing bags to enclose waste from each flush.

    You will not have to see the waste again and it prevents mess and smell. The Dry Flush is the perfect unit for almost any situation where a portable toilet is needed.

    When the Dry Flush Cartridges is all used up then you just need to replace throw out the used cartridge and install a new cartridges.

    New cartridges come in a 3 pack. 

    How to empty and Install Laveo Dry Flush Cartridges

    Dry Flush Features: 

      • Portable and waterless 
      • Long lasting rechargable battery
      • No external power source needed
      • Quick change disposable cartridges
      • No chemicals needed 
      • Full standard size toilet seat
      • Comes to your door ready to use. 
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