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    Zamp Solar - About The Company

    Zamp Solar started selling solar kits on Ebay in 2010.  In a year with hard work and high quality products, Zamp grew out of their startup garage set up and set up shop in a 2,500 square foot building. They recognized a need for solar in the RV community and built up a large network of RV dealers to sell solar in the RV market. Zamp specializes in easy to use and high quality solar panels and kits.

    Zamp Solar - What Is It?

    Zamp Solar is a USA company.  A high quality American company where products, Zamp designs and handcrafts their panels in Bend, Oregon. Whenever possible, Zamp tries to use locally source materials from the aluminium to wire.

    Zamp solar kits are the best kits for 12 Volt battery systems. The solar kits have everything you need to charge or maintain any traditional 12-volt battery bank or rechargeable lithium ion battery energy storage.  

    Zamp is a top supplier of US-made off-grid solar panels and accessories. They make high quality and easy to install and use Solar Kits. Their solar kits free you from need of electrical connections or loud gas generators.

    Zamp Solar - Why Buy It? 

    Zamp makes the best solar panels on the market.  Based in Oregon, Zamp Solar work to make the best solar products. They offer the most versatile and high quality solar products for 12 volt battery charging. 

    Made in the USA, Zamp Solar has their own production plant. This allows them to control quality and be consistently innovating by introducing new features, such as their Omni-Mount frame. Not only is the Zamp panels the best the market by they are the easy to install and use. 

    Zamp solar panel features and qualities: 

    Anti Reflective coated glass: 

      • Provides durable protection from harsh weather conditions
      • Increases light transmission, allows for maximum light absorption 

      Anodized aluminum Omni-Mount Rail system: 

        • Let's you pick a best mounting location for your needs 
        • Sturdier and more versatile than traditional frames. 

        Grade A monocrystalline

          • Creates the HIGHEST performance panels
          • Most reliable solar panels possible 

        Zamp Solar Deluxe Solar Kit:  

        Zamp's roof mounting kits have the easiest installation in the industry and requires minimal tools. Each Zamp Deluxe Solar Kits comes with 
        • (1) Solar panel (Watts depends on Kit)
        • 3 Port Roof Charge Controller
        • 30 Amp Solar Charge Controller 
        • Solar Panel mounting kit 
        • (2) Wire Harnesses
          • One connects panel to roof cap
          • One connects roof cap to charge controller
        • 25-Year output warranty 
        Deluxe Solar Kit Sizes and Expansion Kits: 

        Zamp solar kits comes in different sizes. If you need to figure out which size kit is best for your RV or number of batteries check out the Zamp Solar Sizing Chart. Each kit is also expandable with a corresponding Solar Expansion Kit. 

        80 Watt Zamp Solar Deluxe Kit
        100 Watt Zamp Solar Deluxe Kit
        160 Watt Zamp Solar Deluxe Kit 

        Zamp Solar Flexi Deluxe Kit 

        The Flexi Deluxe includes everything that is in the normal Deluxe Kit the main difference is that solar panel is a Flexi Panel. Only half and inch thick, the 100 watt Flexi Kit can be expanded up to 300 watts and like all Zamp solar panels can charge any kind of 12 volt battery, including lithium. 

        The panel does flex, it's recommended you have minimal flexing to avoid micro-cracking. 

        100 Watt Zamp Solar Flexi Deluxe Kit 

        Zamp Solar Panels - What Size Do I Need? 

        10' - 14' RV with (1) 12 volt Battery


         Weekend Getaways
        Longer Off Grid Stays 


        15' - 20' RV with (1-2) 12 volt Battery

           Weekend Getaways
          Longer Off Grid Stays 


          21' - 30' RV with (2) 12 volt Battery

             Weekend Getaways
            Longer Off Grid Stays 


            31' - 40' RV with (2-4) 12 volt Battery

            Weekend Getaways Longer Off Grid Stays 

            40' RV  with (4-8) 12 volt Battery


              Weekend Getaways Longer Off Grid Stays 
              • 680 Watt Roof Mounted Deluxe Kit + Optional Expansions - 680 - 1020 Total Watts 

              Zamp Solar Portable Solar Charging System 

              Super easy to use, the portable charging system can be put in the direct sunlight even when your RV isn't.  Simple and Convenient: Open  the panel, unfold the legs, set it in the sun, and connect it to your battery.  Each Zamp solar portable Panel system comes with the following:
              • High efficiency mono-crystalline panels
              • 6 Battery Type Settings: LiFep04, LTO, AGM, GEL, Calcium Wet
              • Digital Display: Amps, Volt, Amp Hours 
              • Stilt arms
              • A nylon travel and storage bag
              • Weather resistant 
              • Charge controller that protects 12 volt battery from over charging
              • Digital display: lets you monitor your power usage both in real time and over longer periods of time

                Set up in less than 5 minutes and power everything you need from light to fridges. Ranging in output of 45 watts to 230 watts, Zamp Portables can charge any kind of 12 volt battery, including lithium. 

                Is your RV Zamp Solar Ready? 

                Over 40% of RV come Zamp Solar Ready. Whether your RV has a Zamp Solar portable kit plugged into pre-installed sidewall port or the addition of a roof mounted panel. Zamp Solar Portable Charging system has a charge controller in the back so it can charge your battery directly with alligator clips, or can be plugged into your RV Zamp Solar Port (shown in picture below). 

                With the largest variety of panel sizes, you will find the perfect amount of power for whatever adventures you plan going on: 

                45 Watt Zamp Solar Portable Charging System (2.5 Amps)  The smallest of the portable kit. This is ideal for small RVs like over-the-cab truck campers. 

                • Weight: 11 lbs 
                • Open Dimension: 21.6" x 19.9" x 1.5" 
                • 8 Amp Solar Controller
                  90 Watt Zamp Solar Portable Charging System (5 Amps) This is great for powering small RVs for longer off-grid trips, or larger RV for weekend getaways. 
                  • Weight: 27 lbs 
                  • Open Dimension: 21.6" x 21.5" x 3.1" 
                  • 10 Amp Solar Controller
                    140 Watt Zamp Solar Portable Charging System (6.7 Amps) Ideal for medium RVs or projects, the 140 is the best selling portable kit. 
                    • Weight:32.75 lbs 
                    • Open Dimension: 32.4" x 21.5" x 3.1"  
                    • 10 Amp Solar Controller
                      180 Watt Zamp Solar Portable Charging System (10 Amps)Great for larger RVs and longer off-grid adventures, this kit is powerful and convenient.
                      • Weight: 34 lbs 
                      • Open Dimension: 39.5" x 21.5" x 3.1"
                      • 15 Amp Solar Controller
                        230 Watt Zamp Solar Portable Charging System  (12.6 Amps) The biggest most powerful portable solar kit. This kit is great for large RVs and long off-grid trips.
                        • Weight: 47 lbs 
                        • Open Dimension: 39.5" x 28" x 3.1" 
                        • 15 Amp Solar Controller

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