Vermont Tiny Home Builders

Although small in size, Vermont is bursting with Tiny Life.

Here are a couple different Tiny House Builders in Vermont that are exploding with character and charm.



Anderson has been a carpenter for as long as he can remember. Since his summers as a teen building cabins in Maine to internships at Northeastern, construction crews throughout New England, and finally his senior thesis where he built his first tiny house on wheels, Anderson has always felt most comfortable with tools in his hands. Starting his own tiny house business at 24 seemed like the logical next step in his journey to master his craft and design affordable tiny houses.

Kate took a sharp left turn from environmental consulting to tiny house everything in her mid-twenties, eager to lay the foundation for a young and promising business. Now, whether it's behind the computer or swinging a hammer, Kate is happy to have a hand in all aspects of the building process. Kate is more than happy to answer your questions about tiny house living, tiny house building projects, or her own tiny house adventures!

Bob, our newest team member, brings his sharp, architect's mind to the tiny house table, his assistance invaluable as we stretch our wings and attempt more complicated models and detailed client builds. Bob, who also studied at Northeastern University, has a long history of work with Habitat for Humanity (and is also a renowned DJ and band leader) and is just as comfortable at the drafting table as he is in the workshop. His passion for aesthetics and design is helping Tiny House Crafters enter the next phase of tiny house construction.

Londonderry, Vermont

Jamaica Cottage Shop

Jamaica Cottage Shop Vermont

Jamaica Cottage Shop, Inc. is a privately held company, founded in 1995 by Domenic Mangano. Located in Jamaica, Vermont we are premier builders of fine post and beam garden buildings like tool sheds, cottages, & wood sheds. Built by Vermont tradesmen, each structure is crafted with a personality of its own creating a distinctive and aesthetically pleasing sight that will enhance any landscape. We offer complete design-to-finish solutions for clients searching for a special sanctuary.

South Londonderry, VT. 05155
Phone: 802.297.3760

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