Mississippi Tiny Home Builders

Mississippi is getting in on tiny home production. If you need help building your tiny home, Mississippi has some great builders to choose from that are ready to help you live simply in a brand new tiny home.

Tiny House Life Space


Tiny House Life Space stands for the highest quality craftsmanship available in the market today. We pride ourselves on doing things right the first time, continually producing a product that is consistent with your needs. Prentiss, Mississippi is one of the many small towns across America that lost out to NAFTA. Today, Prentiss is once again working its way back to the top with the addition of TINY HOUSE LIFE SPACE to the Prentiss Industrial Park. Located across HWY 84 from Foley Concrete Products and in the shade of the Prentiss Water Tower, THLS is currently housed in a 45,000-square foot warehouse with plans to expand as the company expands into larger markets and additional production lines.
Prentiss, Mississippi

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