Nature's Head Buyer's Guide

Nature's Head Composting Toilet Buyer's Guide

The Nature's Head Composting Toilet is one of the highest rated and best reviewed composting toilets available on the market. Are you interested in buying a Nature's Head Toilet? Have you already brought one and are figuring it out? This Nature's Head Composting Toilet Guide will help you figure out what you need for the Nature's Head toilet. 

In this guide we will be covering:

  • A simple breakdown of how the toilet works. 
  • Nature's Head accessories and parts and what they do. 
  • Links to additional resources 

(Note: If you want to just want a kit with all the things you need for a standard set up, we've put together a special Nature's Head Super Pack to make it easy for customers to just buy and use) 

To make it easy and quick, we've broken down Nature's Head guide into 5 components: 

    1. Waste Storage: Nature's Head is a urine diverting toilet. By separating the solids and liquids, Nature's Head helps create two compostable materials instead of wasteful sewage. There will be a bottle for your urine and a solids bin. To use it, you push down the lever on the side of the Nature's Head toilet to divert the solids into the bin. 
    2. Venting: Venting comes in two parts: the fan and the hose. To fit the needs of your space, you can adjust the vent and hose to be on the right or left of the toilet. In order to maintain smell and to circulate the compost, you have to vent outside. This means creating a hole in your wall or ceiling or floor to fit a 1.5 inch diameter hose through. The hose will be hooked up from your toilet to your hole.  
    3. Power: The power is for the fan for venting. You can power the fan via plug or battery. 
    4. Compost Medium: In order to turn your human waste into compost you will need a compost medium, otherwise known as bulking material. By rotating the solids with compost medium you want start to make your compost. If you are interested in learning how that works check out our post on how compost toilet works. 
    5. Installation: for mounting the toilet on the ground, Nature's Head Toilet comes with 2 L mounting brackets and knobs and 4 screws. Venting, compost, and power source are the three other things you need to set up, before you can use it.  

 OK, let's learn about Nature's Head parts: 

Waste Storage For Nature's Head Composting Toilet

These items already come with a standard Nature's Head toilet, however we do sell them separately to make using the Nature's Head easy: 

    • Liquids Bottle

      • Why you need an extra one: You will need to empty out the liquids bottle more frequently than the solids bin. That frequency is varies on the number of users you have. (about 1 - 2 times a week for 2-3 full time users)  
      • You cannot pee into a full bottle. So lot of times in the middle of the night or during the cold winter, it is really convenient to have an extra empty liquids bottle to switch out.
      • Bottle holds 2.2 Gallons. 
      • Tip: If you want to mask smell, users have used vinegar to help mask it. 
      • One comes standard with Nature's Head Toilet. 
    • Solids Bin with Lid 

      • Composting takes time. The compost medium and the cranking helps with the process takes time.
      • Want to use your compost? If you want to use the compost but don't have a compost bin, then the solids bin with the lid can be the extra container you can switch out with your main toilet bin so your waste can fully compost. 
      • The composting solids section holds about 60-80 uses.   
    • Solids Lid 

      • Want to transport your compost? The solids lid is for the waste portion of your toilet. It is great for transportation when you want to move your toilet when it still has compost in it. 

Venting Accessories For Nature's Head Composting Toilet

    • 5' Vent Hose

      • Need more reach between your vent hole and the toilet? The 5' vent hose can help you bridge that gap. 
    • 3" Mushroom Vent Cap 

      • Popular vent cap for boats, also can be used for other vent cap. 
      • Keep bugs out of your system
      • A nice cap for your vent hole 
    • PVC Screened Vent 
      • Nature's Head need to be vented outdoors. A screen vent keeps bugs from coming in through your vent hole and keeps the outside of your home looking nice. 
      • Can be installed horizontally or vertically. 
      • Fits 1.5" opening and comes with a 16" Connector pipe (can be shortened). 

 Power Options for Nature's Head: 

    • 12 Volt Wall Transformer: 

      • If you are using a 110-volt (house) power, you will need the plug. 
    • Default Power Option  
      • The Nature's Head comes with a 12-volt plug. It connects to a 12 volt battery or a power converter. 

Compost Medium Options for Nature's Head: 

You will need about 1.5 - 2 gallons of bulking material for the Nature's Head. Nature's Head recommends storing and measuring these out in Ziploc gallon bags. For 2 full time users this will last it this should last you about 3 weeks to 4 weeks. For part time use (weekends) for two people, you can go 2 months or more before you need to empty the solids bin.
With the Nature's Head there are two recommended bulking options each with benefits and uses: 
    • Coco Fiber

      • Comes in compressed bricks, more compact for storage. 
      • Add water and break apart and loosen your brick, it will expand. 
      • If you buy your Nature's Head from ShopTinyHouses, we will send you a FREE 5 Pack of Coco Coir. 
    • Peat Moss

      • More accessible locally at local hardware store/gardening supply centers.
      • Recommend that you microwave your peat moss to kill off any bug eggs to avoid bugs in your Nature's Head. 
      • Comes in bags form, takes up more space. 
      • DO NOT use MIRACLE-GRO peat moss. 

Want to learn more about Nature's Head Toilet?  

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