Nature's Head Expert Guide

The Nature's Head Composting Toilet is one of the highest rated and best reviewed composting toilets on the market. This Expert Guide will help you figure out if the Nature's Head toilet meets your needs.

In the guide we cover:

  • A simple breakdown of how the toilet works
  • Nature's Head partsaccessories, and what they do. 
  • Links to additional resources and special discount offers.
  • Verified, 100% real customer reviews and feedback (the good and the bad!).

To make it easy, we've broken this Nature's Head guide into 4 short sections:

  1. Waste Storage (How does this toilet work?)
  2. Venting (Does the Nature's Head smell?)
  3. Compost Medium (How does it turn into compost?)
  4. Installation (Is this an easy install?)


Nature's Head is a urine diverting toilet. By separating the solids and liquids, Nature's Head creates...