How to use the Separett Villa

Oct 31, 2018

The Separett Villa 9200 AC Urine Diverting Toilet is designed for locations with AC or standard electrical power but lacking in water, or sewer hookups. The Separett is an environmentally friendly toilet with enough capacity for year round homes. Using it is just as simple as a traditional water flush toilet. The removable containers and set up makes it end-product very easy to clean and empty. This guide helps you figure out your Separett Villa. 

Separett Villa Maintenance: 

The Separett solids container contents should be left to dry and lose volume. 

How often does it need to be emptied? 

With 4 full time users (using it everyday), the container should last about 3-4 weeks depending on how much toilet paper is being used. 

For large events or lots of use: 

Since the final composting is done outside of the Separett Villa, there isn't really a total capacity limit like other composting toilets. The more use and people the more often you need to empty the liner of the holding chamber. 

What to do when your Separett Villa container is full: 

  • Empty when the composter liner bag is about 2/3 full
  • Liner bag should be removed from toilet
  • Dispose the bag with solid waste in: 
    • Compost area
    • Incinerator 
    • Approved solid waste disposal area 
  • Bags should be removed within month of use (they will begin to weaken).  

    Why use compostable waste bags?

    The bag is designed to be used in the toilet and during the storage period. The bag is made to slowly disintegrate in the ground or in a composter. 

    The Separett Villa does come with one 1 roll of bags. But if you need more, we have the GMO Free compostable Waste Bags by Bio Bag available and the Separett Compostable Waste Bags also work.

    Using the Separett Villa

    When you sit on the Separett Villa the solids bin will open up on the bottom. This mean you do not need to flush after going.

    All the poop would go in the container for solid waste and the urine will be directed towards the urine bowl. 

    By separating the solids and liquids you avoid creating black water/sewage. Also eliminating lingering odors. 


    Separett for women

    The toilet has been tried and tested by older and younger women to insure that the urine is separated into the right place.  

    Do men need to sit to urinate on the toilet? 

    The recommendation is for men is for men to sit while urinating. However, with mild level of care, many male users are able to stand and urinate into the urine trap without mess or issue. 

    Does the Separett Villa work for children? 

    Yes, you can get a urine separating Child seat


    Separett Villa Maintenance 

    Does the toilet function in cold rooms? 

    Yes. The Separett toilets are not room temperature dependent. Cool temperatures may slow down or stop the composting process.The composting process will resume as soon as it warms up. 

    Can you use the toilet without the fan? 

    No, it is not recommended. Without a fan, the Separett Villa starts to smell bad and flies will come into your toilet and lay eggs. When the fan is running, the smell is kept out and the space keeps dry. 

    Using Toilet Paper with Separett Villa: 

    • Use normal toilet paper
    • Toilet paper helps keep contents of container dry and divided 
    • Don't recommend highly quilted multiply - takes longer to decompose. 
    • For most homes 2 or 3 containers will suffice. Additional containers can be purchased if required. If the toilet is being used more frequently during a short period, solid waste bags may prove necessary. 
    • 6 Months storage period method for composting. 
      • Leave the items in your solids bin for 6 months. 
      • This does not produce ready-to-use soil. 
      • The bacteria in the soil will "consume" the the fecal pathogens, thereby rendering the content harmless. 

    Should I add anything to the solid waste container?

    In the container in the Separett Toilet, the contents should be left to dry and lose volume. Never add bark or anything else (they may contain larva, which can develop problem with flies. 

    Separett Toilet Options

    With Separett AC and AC/DC versions, the waterless composting toilet is usable on grid or off grid. All of Separett toilets are Urine Diverting toilets. All of the units are great if you don't have access to water or sewer hook up. 

    • Separett Villa 9200 on grid, full time / non inverter power. 
    • Separett Villa 9210: off grid, ships for use with either DC/battery power or standard AC Charger. 
    • Separett Weekender: Perfect for those that want the compostable toilet at an affordable price. The fan runs off of 12 volts DC.  
    • Separett Rescue Camping Toilet Kit: Perfect for camping and temporary on site services. Solid waste is collected within a compostable bag that you can easily remove, bury, or burned. 

    Want to learn more? Check out our Separett FAQ Page




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