"I absolutely love my washer and dryer. Fit perfectly into our tiny home and works better than any large one I've had." - Lee V.


Streamline laundry day with Splendide's compact, eco-efficient design, blending convenience and modern innovation.

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The Small Machine That Makes
All The Big Differences. 

Streamlined Laundry Solution

Splendide's stackable design offers unmatched convenience, perfectly fitting into tiny homes, RVs, apartments, boats, and more.

High Performance, Eco-Friendly

Class A rated and spins at 1200 rpm, the Splendide ensures minimal energy and water usage that outperforms rivals.

Durability for All Lifestyles

Uniquely designed to outlast standard models, it's ideal for tiny homes, small apartments, and adventurous lifestyles over land and sea.

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Closer Look at the

Splendide Stackable Washer and Dryer


  • Cabinet Dimensions: 

    • Height: 32-7/8" to 33-3/8" 
    • Width: 23 1/2” 
    • Depth: 22 3/4”
    • Weight: 148 lbs
    • Door opens left (not reversible)

    • Height: 32 3/4” 
    • Width: 23 1/2” 
    • Depth: 22 3/4”
    • Weight: 67 lbs
    • Door opens right (not reversible)

  • Drum Capacity: 15lb wash

  • Wash Water Usage: 7.5-16 gal/load

  • Total Weight: 215 lbs

    • Washer Weight: 148 lbs
    • Dryer Weight: 67 lbs

  • Electrical: 120V, 60Hz, 12amp

  • Max Spin: 1200 rpm max

Washer Features

  • The Splendide WF1300XD washer is CLASS A rated and delivers exceptional washing power with spins reaching up to 1200 rpm. This ensures your clothes come out spotless every single time. 

    With its 9 tailored wash cycles, it caters to all fabric types and dirt levels seamlessly and with zero tangling.

  • Specialized cycles include:

    • Delay Start, 
    • Extra Rinse, 
    • Prewash,
    • Post Cycle Care,
    • Winterization (first of its kind!)

  • Reinforced Internal Circuitry & Components for RV Travel

  • Digital Display for More Options and Customization

  • Extra Wide Door Opening with EasyGrip Handle

  • Automatic Water Level & Load Balancing

  • End-of-cycle Signal with Mute Option

  • Clean Cycle for Washer Drum

  • Key Lock Option

  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

Dryer Features

  • The Splendide DV6500X Dryer is a powerful machine that comes equipped with 3 timed drying cycles and an intuitive "Auto" cycle that halts once your clothes are dry.

    Not only does it guarantee perfectly dry laundry, but it's also a breeze to install and upkeep

    Its spacious 4.0 cubic foot drum ensures optimal airflow, leading to quicker drying times and minimized creasing for your clothes.

  • Special Auto Dry & Low Heat Cycles

  • Stainless Steel Drum

  • Three Timed Dry Cycles

  • Easy Clean Lint Filter

  • Two-way Drum Rotation

  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

From the Manufacturer:

Splendide User Manuals

WF1300XD Washer User Manual:

DV6500X Dryer User Manual:

Stacking Kit Manual:

Why Splendide?

For Cozy, Hassle-free Living

Limited Space? Not an issue.

Perfect for tight vertical spaces or side-by-side layouts

Small Footprint, Big Capacity

Compact design, surprising 15 lb load capacity

Comprehensive Warranty

Nationwide customer support + 1 year warranty

40 Years of Success

Selling since 1984, Splendide has a reputation for quality

For 40 Years...

Trusted source for quality laundry appliances since 1984.

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How long does it take to deliver?

We will process the order within 1 business day. Shipping is via a specialized freight shipping company and takes between 3-5 business days. 

Can I inspect the washer/dryer upon receiving them?

Yes, we highly recommend inspecting the washer and dryer before accepting them from the shipping company. Inspecting the washer and dryer before accepting them will help protect you if there are any damages as a result of the shipping process. 

What is the Return Policy?

We offer a 30 day hassle-free return policy. Please keep original packaging for return shipping. Some restrictions apply, please see our Return Policy for full details. 

How do you winterize the Splendide washer?

Can these also be used side by side?

Yes, the washer and dryer can be used side by side. No stacking kit is required if you plan on installing them side by side. If stacking, please select the option with a stacking kit. Please note, the dryer stacks on top of the washer. 

Even more customer questions and answers below...

Call Toll-Free at: 

(888) 467-5447

Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
David Noble
One of the Best

One of the best suppliers I ever used. Recommend to everyone. On any of the products they have

Mitch Robertson
Great Buy We love our Splendide Stackable Washer/Dryer

We installed this in our 5th wheel Grand Design 2930RL and love the convenience of not going to laundry mats.

Patrick Palas
perfect fit washer and dryer


Glenda Alford
Love my stackable washer/dryer. Very quiet and my clothes come out perfect.

Love my new washer/dryer stackable. Fits perfectly in my RV. Runs quietly and my clothes come out perfect.

Chris Levsey

Product was received with no damage.
Shipping was extremely fast.

Would buy from again.

Other Options from Splendide:

The Splendide WDC7200XCD is a ventless, multifamily housing laundry solution, offering both washing and condenser drying in one unit. 

It features a quiet, efficient operation with a 15lb wash/11lb dry capacity and multiple cycle options, including an 'Add-an-item' feature for convenience. 

Ideal for in-unit installation without the need for external venting, it provides a high-capacity, versatile laundry experience with excellent customer satisfaction.

The WDV2200XCD combines a washer and dryer into one space-saving unit, perfect for handling everything from heavy cottons to delicate fabrics. 

It features a large 15 lb. wash capacity, automatic detergent dispensing, and an 'Add-an-item' feature, with a dual-rotating drum for faster drying and less creasing. 

This quiet, efficient unit with a brushless motor is ideal for those seeking a comprehensive, easy-to-use laundry solution.