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Best Tiny House Composting Toilet

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When it comes to tiny house toilets, there are many options on the market, but not every tiny house toilet is created equal.

Knowing your needs, expectations, and willingness to maintain an alternative toilet will help you choose a toilet that fits your lifestyle and adds to the enjoyment of your new home.

Below we have created a list (In No Particular Order) of the best tiny home composting toilet options. We chose each of these toilets for their ability to function day to day as well as be on the move without spillage if you decide to take your tiny home on the road!

1. Lovable Loo AKA: (5 Gallon Crapper)

The loveable loo is by far one of the most simple composting toilet systems on the market. A 5-gallon bucket enclosed in a wooden box with a toilet seat on top is the total package.

Its popularity comes from the fact that it’s simple to make and many do-it-yourselfers have adopted the design for the simplicity of it.

Lovable Loo Tiny House Composting Toilet


Several variations and modifications have been done to this toilet and have been well documented by the do-it-yourself crowd. Some of those modifications include adding urine separating seats, exhaust fans, ext. to improve on the design.




2. EcoJohn Basic Compost Toilet

EcoJohn Basic Tiny House Composting Toilet

The EcoJohn Basic is a step ahead of the Lovable Loo in a few ways. It looks more like a modern toilet, so your visitors won’t be quite so shy about using it. And more importantly, it separates the liquid waste from the solids.

Separating the liquids from the solids helps cut down on odor as well as increasing the capacity of the toilet. This separation also helps the waste break down and compost more quickly once removed from the unit.

The EcoJohn Basic also has a 12vDC (120vAC Optional) fan that runs to help exhaust the odors outside. This ensures no smell stays in the home. It also has a heating plate in the bottom of the toilet to help dry out the solid waste.



3. Laveo Dry Flush Portable Toilet

Laveo Dry Flush Tiny Home Toilet

The Laveo Dry Flush, while not truly a composting toilet, has made a name for itself in the composting toilet market of late. In reality, its intended use was as a portable or camping toilet.

It’s small, lightweight, battery-powered, and ready to travel when you are.

It works by storing liquid and solid waste in sealed bags after each use. After use, simply push the flush button and the bag you deposited your waste into is sealed, pulled into the bottom of the unit, and stored for later disposal.

Its small size, low price, and sealed waste to avoid ever handling raw sewage has given it a real foothold in the tiny home, RV, and marine communities.




4. Nature’s Head Toilet

Nature's Head Tiny House Composting Toilet

The Nature’s Head dry composting toilet is fast becoming the #1 seller in the tiny home toilet market. It’s a true urine separating toilet and the simplicity of design, few moving parts, and its obvious size advantages give it a real winning advantage.

Installation of the Nature’s Head is simple and requires only a small 2” vent hose to be plumbed to the outside and can be wired for 12v or 120v power.

The electrical hookup is simply to run the exhaust fan that keeps the solids bin odor-free inside the bathroom.

To use the toilet, simply fill the solids bin with a required bulking material, plug it in and you are all set. A liquid catch bottle on the front of the unit can be mixed 8 parts water to 1 part urine and safely emptied into a flower bed!




5. Sun-Mar Mobile Composting Toilet

Sun-Mar Mobile Tiny House Toilet

The Sun-Mar Mobile composting toilet was originally designed for boats and RVs with violent motion being a major design consideration. This makes it perfect for tiny home users on the move!

Comes complete with mounting brackets, a finishing drawer that is gasketed, and a fold up footrest wich can easily be removed to access the finishing drawer when the unit needs to be emptied.

With a width of only 19.5 inches and depth of 23 inches, this medium capacity, electric composting toilet occupies only slightly more floor space than a standard toilet.

Designed with a three-chamber system this composting toilet incorporates a patented Bio-drum which ensures fast and odorless decomposition.

This toilet has no pump outs, no changing containers, no pouring out urine, no chemicals. This self-contained composting toilet has little maintenance and works like a charm!



6. Separett Composting Toilets

Separett Tiny House Composting Toilet

The Separett Series Composting Toilets are quickly becoming more popular with the tiny house crowd. Simplicity in design along with a more traditional toilet look make this an attractive option for a lot of tiny home owners!

The Separett Villa operates in a very similar way to the EcoJohn basic with the addition of a rotating drum to ensure solid waste does not build up like a pyramid causing users to empty more often.

The Separett also uses biodegradable bags so moving waste to a remote compost pile does not require you to empty the bag and deal with raw waste.



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