Laveo Dry Flush Toilet - Best Portable Waterless Dry Flush Toilet

Dry Flush Laveo Dry Flush Toilet - Best Portable Waterless Dry Flush Toilet DF1045
dry flush toilet closed side view
Laveo Dry Flush Toilet open
Laveo Dry Flush Toilet - Best Portable Waterless Dry Flush Toilet
Dry Flush Laveo Dry Flush Toilet - Best Portable Waterless Dry Flush Toilet DF1045
Laveo Dry Flush Measurements
Laveo Dry Flush Waterless Toilet
dry flush toilet open side view
dry flush toilet closed back view
dry flush toilet opened
dry flush toilet button
dry flush lid hinges
dry flush charger
dry flush refill cartridge
Dry Flush Laveo Dry Flush Toilet - Best Portable Waterless Dry Flush Toilet DF1045BLK
Dry Flush Laveo Dry Flush Toilet - Best Portable Waterless Dry Flush Toilet DF1045BLU

Laveo Dry Flush Toilet - Best Portable Waterless Dry Flush Toilet

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A truly self contained, battery powered, portable toilet perfect for your RV, camping trip, sprinter, boat, cabin, or tiny house.

The Laveo Dry Flush is a waterless and chemical free dry flush toilet that uses self sealing bags to enclose waste from each flush. This prevents mess and smell and makes this unit perfect for almost any situation where a portable toilet is desired. 

The Dry Flush is truly portable. The Laveo Dry Flush can be placed on any level surface indoors or out.  Nothing needs to stay plugged in, vented, and mounting is optional. 

  • Does dry flush require Venting? No  
  • Does dry flush need External Liquid Drainage? No
  • Does dry flush require Power?  Yes, it comes with a rechargeable battery  which is good for ~300 flushes 
  • Do you need to buy Consumables? Yes, Refill Cartridges  

How does the Dry Flush Toilet Work?

Just like a regular toilet, you push the flush button after you go to the bathroom.

When the flush button is pushed, the Dry Flush toilet will twist and seal your waste down into an airtight isolated bag.

Just use and empty the cartridges when full.

Dry flush toilet refill cartridges are available HERE and each cartridge is good for about 17 flushes!

Dry Flush Toilet Dimensions

  • Size: 16" Wide x 18" Tall x 20" Deep
  • Weight: 26 lbs
  • User Weight Capacity: 500 lbs
  • Bowl Height with Seat: 17.5" 
  • Bowl Height without Seat: 15.5" 
  • Outlet Location: Rear Outlet

Dry Flush Toilet Dimensions

Dry Flush Toilet Features

  • Comes to your door ready to use
  • Portable + Waterless
  • Long lasting rechargeable battery
  • No external power source needed, No chemicals needed
  • Quick change disposable cartridges, easy mess free cleanup
  • Full standard size toilet seat
  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited
  • Manufactured in Connecticut

Laveo Dry Flush Made in the USA

Laveo Dry Flush Toilet User Manual

Laveo Dry Flush User Manual

Dry Flush Toilet Battery: 

  • Laveo is intended to be powered by Dry Flush batteries only. 
  • Battery works well to least  -20°F (-30°C). 
  • Internal battery will last for 300+ flushes before you need recharge it. This is several months between charges. 
  • Dry Flush comes fully charged battery pack and charger cable 
  • Additional charging options:
  • Solar Charger
  • AC Adapter

Dry Flush Toilet is Mobile Ready

  • Immune to rough handling 
  • Tipping generally does not cause waste spillage
  • Can be installed in moving vehicles, boats, planes.
  • If you are planning to use the toilet within any moving unit you want to secure it on the ground with a Quick Mounting Kit to prevent moving.

Laveo Dry Flush Toilet Eliminates bathroom odor

  • Laveo has developed a cartridge made of proprietary material. The cartridge completely confines the waste and eliminates odor.
  • Once you flush your waste is isolated and you never have to see it or smell it again.  
  • The cartridges that hold the waste help seal and contain the waste until it is ready to be disposed of. The odor will be contained for 3 weeks or more.

Dry Flush Toilet maintenance:

Changing out Dry Flush Cartridge Dry Flush User Manual PDF for full instructions or check out our Blog Post on How to empty and install cartridges in the Laveo Dry Flush Toilet :
  • When you have used up your cartridge and want to throw it away you will just need to lift the toilet seat and trim piece. Under that you will find a black waste bag containing the wrapped waste.  
  • You will never see, smell the waste because it will be contained in the used cartridge and also the black bag. 

    Disposing the Dry Flush Toilet Cartridge: 

    • How to tell when you Cartridge is almost empty: when you are down to you last two flush a red line will appear on the toilet material on the silver cartridge. 
    • You can dump Dry Flush Cartridge in the trash. Landfills allow human waste such as baby and adult diapers, and this also applies to Dry Flush Cartridge. Waste do need to be contained in plastic bags before disposal. 

      Cleaning the Dry Flush Toilet:

      • The outside of the toilet can be wiped with a damp cloth.
      • There is nothing else to clean since anything your waste touches is thrown away when you empty out the cartridge. 

        More questions? Check out the Laveo Dry Flush Toilet FAQ Page 

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        Ask a Question
        • Do you have to use the floor mounting kit?

          No. The Laveo Dry Flush can be placed on any level surface indoors or out. Make sure the surface supports the toilet and toilet does not become unstable. Tipping generally does not cause waste spillage. however, if you are planning to use the toilet within a vehicle or any moving unit or if you just want it to stay secure on the ground, the Quick Mounting Kit is designed to secure your unit.

        • How do you get more flush cartridges and what kind of battery are we talking about?

          You can get more cartridges for the Laveo Dry Flush toilet on our website. The battery in the toilet is a 12V 7Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery.

        • Does this require electric

          The Laveo Dry Flush only needs electricity to recharge the battery that is in the unit.The battery will last for several months, depending upon weather and for at least 300 flushes before charging is needed.

        • Approximately how many flushes until the cartridge is full and needs to be disposed of?

          The Laveo Dry Flush Cartridges last for about 15-17 flushes each.

        • where do you dispose of the used cartridges when they are full?

          The sealed cartridges are designed to be disposed of in the trash bin.

        • Does this toilet come with any bags or do those need to be purchased separately?

          This unit comes with 2 (two) refill cartridges.

        • How do you know when bag is full? How easy is it to change cartridge? How many bags in each cartridge?

          The Laveo Dry Flush Portable Toilet refill cartridges have 15-17 flushes in them. Some people do not flush after every use. Some with urinate in it multiple times before hitting the flush button. We recommend flushing after every bowel movement. You will be able to tell when the cartridge is about to run out as a red line will appear on the material when there are two flushes left. If you ignore the indicator, the material will run out in the next flush or two, and the top edge of the material will be visible. It is very easy to replace the cartridge. When the cartridge is expended, lift up the toilet seat and the trim piece just under it. Lift out the liner bag containing wrapped waste. Then you simply put a new liner and install the new cartridge. 

        • What is the maximum weight of the individual who will use the Laveo? Do you make it in a larger size?

          According to the manufactuer, the Dry Flush has a 500 pound user weight capacity. The Dry Flush only comes in one size.

        • what comes with this? Battery? Charger, Cables?

          It comes with the toilet which will have the battery pre-installed. It also comes with the charger to plug into a standard wall outlet and 2 cartridges (1 pre-installed in the toilet).

        • I want to use the toilet on a vacation property I have. I would only use the toilet two or three times in a weekend, since the bags have 15 plushies how many weeks or months can I go without any type of smell or odor from the previous flushes? Not trying to use it three times in a weekend and having to throw away all the other bags that could get pricey?

          Yes you can go without emptying out the bags. The bags seal at each flush and that prevents the smell or odor appear with previous flushes.

        • Can the batteries come off to recharge elsewhere or is it fully connected?

          You can remove the battery from the Dry Flush and recharge it elsewhere. You simply unplug the battery cable from the Dry Flush and pull the battery out.

        • Is there any lingering odor?

          No there shouldn't be lingering odor.

        • What is the warranty on this

          The Warranty on Laveo Dry Flush is 1 year manufacturing and 6 months on components. 

        • are the bags biodegradable

          No, the bags are not biodegradable. 

        • Do you choose to flush or is it automatic?

          When you are ready to flush, you push a button the the Laveo Dry Flush to flush. 

        • What is the manufacturer's warranty on this product??

          For the Laveo Dry Flush it is is 1 year on the toilet and 6 months on the components. 

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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 91 reviews
        Wanda Gardner

        Laveo Dry Flush Toilet - Best Portable Waterless Dry Flush Toilet

        Andy McCoy
        Great Product

        Very great product. Works exactly as described.

        Kim Heller
        Great Solution Where plumbing doesn’t exist

        I bought this dry flush toilet for our 2nd floor guest area. We have no plumbing up there and adding plumbing was very cost prohibitive to impossible. I was nervous about the composting options so I opted for this dry flush toilet. (I also bought a portable sink with hot water heater from another source which also works great)

        It is mostly used by our niece and her family and our adult son and his family when they visit periodically. They all thought I was a little crazy when I told them what I was going to do up there but they are now raving fans and impressed with how well it works and how nice it is to have a bathroom in that space.

        And it has no smell whatsoever - that’s what everyone was most concerned about.

        We love it!

        THEODORE FAHLEN 2203

        So far, so good. It will be awhile before I use it, but it seems to operate great.

        Kim Heller
        Great solution where plumbing does not exist.

        I am very happy with this item which we bought for our second floor which is only used periodically when we have guests or our kids are home for a visit. My plumber told me it would be impossible or at least very difficult and expensive to put a bathroom up there so this was a perfect solution. I also bought a portable sink with hot and cold water to go with it. Well worth the investment.

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