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    The Laundry Alternative is a company that designs environmentally friendly washer and dryers. One of the biggest problems we have is our lack of recycling ability when it comes to large appliances. This company has put their products through a series of rigorous tests in order to make sure they won’t bust when put through different washing scenarios and you won’t have to continue filling the land fill.

    Why An Alternative?

    If you’re in a tight spot and need some garments washed it would be nice to not have to wait the 30 minutes it would take to complete a quick wash cycle on your washing machine. It would take only about 10 minutes to load your clothes, load the water and soap, wash the clothes, and drain the washer to wash your clothes with The Laundry Alternative washer.

    As for the drier all you need to do is plug it in, place your clothes in the machine, and wait the 3-5 minutes it takes to dry the clothes. The drier takes about 3 times the amount of clothes as the washer does and you don’t need to work it manually.

    How Do They Work?

    Both of these machines require very little resources including electricity. After 2 months you will have saved enough money to make up for the money you spent on these appliances rather than going to a laundromat or using large appliances. Here’s how they work:

  • The washer is a manually operated machine. It loads up to 5 pounds of clothes for it to work its best. You load it with the prescribed amount of water and soap for the amount of clothes you put in. Spin the washer using the handle for about 1.5 minutes. After they are washed let the water run out using a pipe that’s attached to the bottom of the washer and remove the lid to access your clothes.
  • The drier is electric, uses gravity rather than heat, and can load up to 15 pounds of wet clothes. Take the safety cover out from the bottom of the drier, place your clothes inside, and place the safety cover firmly on top of your pile of clothes. Put a bowl underneath the water hole of the machine. To turn it on simply close the lid. Wait 3-5 minutes before opening the lid to turn the machine off.
  • Accessories

    All accessories provided by The Laundry Alternative are going to be replacement parts for you appliances. The goal of this company is to keep as much as they can out of the landfill and providing their customers with parts is an easy way to keep them from throwing the whole thing out and buying a new one. Such is the modern way.

    One thing The Laundry Alternative tries to consistently do is to create products that are easy to use and easy to fix for their customers. Their washer and drier selection are all compact and simple in design that would be perfect for almost anybody.


    All appliances sold by The Laundry Alternative are given a 3 year warranty for all manufacturing defects.

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