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    Solavore Solar Cooking Oven Logo

    Believe it or not, a double-layered carrot cake is the inspiration for the solavore solar oven! Anne Patterson prepared the dish and several others under the hot sun on a sailboat in the Caribbean.

    To the surprise of Anne's friends, Anne baked the cake to perfection on the foredeck in a black box designed to catch and trap the sunlight. Go Anne. The original oven (black box) Anne used was from SOS (Solar Oven Society), which distributed ovens to Afghanistan, Nicaragua, Haiti, and other developing countries. When SOS closed up shop, Anne decided to open one up herself.

    Anne Patterson launched Solavore™ in 2015, resuming production of SOS’s flagship oven, the Sport. With guidance from SOS’s founders and the Sport’s designers, Anne is applying a career’s-worth of business savvy to build a robust, sustainable company that makes a big impact with a small carbon footprint.

    Solavore Mission Statement

    Solavore is a women-owned business promoting clean-cooking technology around the world.

    The preparation of food using heat is the most elemental of human endeavors. Cooking sustains our bodies, nourishes our souls, unites us around a common hearth. In a world of infinite richness and variety, cooking is a common thread stretching across time and cultures.

    At Solavore™, we believe that cooking fuel should be healthy and as abundant as sunlight.

    We build ovens that make clean-cooking fun, easy and liberating.

    We build ovens that will be game-changers for women who risk their lives every day gathering wood or burning it, simply to feed their families.

    Every oven purchased gets us one step closer to putting out a wood-fuel fire somewhere in the world.

    Let's get outside and cook.

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