The kits we make available include a range of products used together to help you produce the optimal solar energy resource. These kits include solar generators that come with solar panels or solar panels that connect directly to your home, RV, or other living space.

    Solar Energy

    Solar energy is the most abundant source of energy on the planet. Unless our sun decides to give out it will continue to give us more than enough energy to power the whole planet. It can be used both industrially or in homes, RV’s, cabins, boats, and other places you live.

    Solar energy is the process of converting thermal energy into electrical energy. This is done by collecting photons from the sunlight and removing electrons from the atoms. It is one of the cleanest sources of energy in the world.

    Using Solar Power

    In the kits we have available to you you are able to use them for extra electricity for your home as well as transferring that electricity to a solar generator box which can power anything plugged into it. Solar energy in general can be used to power almost anything.

    One method for using solar power that has gotten very popular over the years has been its use in the transportation industry. Companies attach solar panels to the tops of trains, buses, and other above ground vehicles.

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