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    Colorado Cylinder Stoves is a company that manufacturers stoves that heat tents for people who are camping in the cold outdoors as well as homes that work with the installation guidelines. This company is stationed in Colorado and prides themselves in their customer service abilities.

    Types of Stoves

    The stoves available from Colorado Cylinder Stoves are separated into 4 size groups. These sizes are:

  • Alpine: Heats areas up to 20’ X 24’. This is what people usually buy when they want an indoor stove.
  • Timberline: Heats areas up to 16’X20’ and is also primarily used for indoor use.
  • Spruce: Heats areas up to 14’X16’ and is used mostly for indoor use but can also be for outdoor use when larger groups are camping.
  • Mesa: Heats areas up to 12’X12’ and is mostly used for outdoor use. Easier to carry around when moving to your campsite.

  • Hot Water Tank

    One optional feature a lot of campers decide to include with their stove is the hot water tank. This does not come with every stove but it’s handy when you need to bathe or if you need to brew some hot coffee or tea.

    The water tank is attached to the side of the stove and has a brass water faucet in the side for easy access. It’s designed to be water tight and without any sharp edges along the sides that you could potentially cut yourself on.


    Colorado Cylinder Stoves provide a lifetime warranty for parts that have defects only and not parts worn down or harmed from misuse. Unprofessional installation will make this warranty void and lacking the installation requirements enforced by your local fire department will also make the warranty void.

    Why Colorado Cylinder Stoves?

    There are many reasons why you would chose Colorado Cylinder rather than another brand. All products from this company are going to last you a very long time. These stoves are made of 10 and 12 gage steel which help to keep it in good condition as well as help hold heat better.

    Some other reasons why you should choose Colorado Cylinder Stoves are:

    • Won’t warp with high heat
    • Performs great in cold weather
    • Heats large amounts of area
    • Includes a cooktop
    • Compact for easy transportation
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