Using the Apex Solar Generator

Aug 1, 2019

Using Your Apex

This post will help you understand the day-to-day use and maintenance of the Inergy Apex Portable Solar Generator

Reading the LCD Display

The Power Display has 6 unique readings. The power display is only on when in either DC mode or AC/DC mode.
  • Top Left: This number shows the percentage of battery capacity remaining. It is shown as a percentage. 
  • Top Middle: This represents the net combination of power input and power output. It appears as either DIS or CHG. If displaying DIS, you are discharging the battery more than you are charging it. If displaying CHG, you are charging the battery more than discharging. 
  • Top Right: This represents the net combination of power input and power output in watts. 
  • Bottom Left: Battery Level Icon. This represents the remaining battery capacity in picture format. 
  • Bottom Middle: This represents whether your Apex is charging or discharging. It is the picture format of the information above it. Arrow pointing to the RIGHT indicates they system is DISCHARGING. Arrow pointing to the LEFT indicates the system is CHARGING.
  • Bottom Right: This represents the current battery voltage. 

Powering Devices

The Apex has a 3 position rotary power switch. Each setting represents a different set of ports that are available. The Apex can be charged in any of the 3 positions. 

Left Position (DC): All DC powered ports are available in this mode. This includes the 12V DC sockets, Basecamp LED light ports, and the USB ports. The LCD Display is also activated in this mode. 

Middle Position (Off): While in this mode, all ports are off. This is the position for turning the Apex off completely. 

Right Position (AC/DC): All AC & DC ports are available in this mode. This includes the 12V DC sockets, Basecamp LED light ports, USB ports, 110V AC outlets, and RV plug. The LCD Display is also activated in this mode. 

The inverter may turn off earlier than normal if you have used large amounts of AC power at lower battery levels with usable battery capacity still left. DC power is still available, but more battery storage is needed to power the inverter. Often the remaining 10-20% of the battery capacity is only available to the DC outlets.

If the AC output limit is exceeded, the inverter may power off and go into safe mode. The Apex has 3 resettable circuit breakers on the left hand side to prevent exceeding the maximum output ratings for the different output ports. If the 110V outlets aren't working but the LCD is, it may be because one of the circuits (labeled AC, DC1 & DC2) has been tripped. To recent the circuit, simply let the circuit cool for a few minute, then push it back into place. This is an indication to reduce the power output on the Apex. 

Maintaining the Apex for Storage

The Apex will maintain it's charge for up to a full year. It is recommended to check the battery level every 3 months to make sure it hasn't dropped below 10%. Not recommended for outside storage or in damp environments. It is best to store the Apex at half charge to make the battery level last the longest. 

Charging Your Apex

Charging with Solar

Inergy has two solar panels that are compatable with the Apex. These panels are sold separately. You can connect up to 500 watts of solar power to the Apex. All solar panels with plug into Charge Port 2. 

  • Solar Storm 100: These are 100 watt rigid panels. Great for permanent mounting.
  • Linx 100: These are 100 watt semi-flexible panels. Great for portability as they are light weight. 

Charging with AC (wall) Charger

There are two AC wall chargers available for the Apex.

  • Standard wall charger (included with Apex): 110V AC, 60 Watts. Charges Apex in approximately 11 hours. This charger plugs into Charge Port 1. 
  • Quick Wall Charger (sold separately): 110V AC, 189 Watts, 15 Amp. Charges Apex in approximately 6 hours. This charger plugs into Charge Port 2.

Charging with Car Charger

Uses a car’s 12V DC cigarette lighter port to charge the Apex. This charger plugs into Charge Port 1

Adding additional Battery Capacity with External Batteries

The Apex provides a set of external battery bank connectors to be able to add additional battery capacity. For use with Lead Acid, AGM, Gel Cell or INERGY

Apex Specifications

Output Ports:

  • 110VAC Plugs (Quantity = 6) - 1000 watts (10 Amps) continuous per outlet, 1500 Watt combined total output from all outlets. 3,000 Watt starting surge maximum.
  • 30 Amp RV plug (Quantity = 1) - 1,500 Watt maximum continuous output (12.5 Amps), 3,000 Watt starting surge maximum. Connector Type: NEMA TT-30R
  • 12V DC Universal Sockets (Quantity = 2) - 180 Watts (15 Amps) maximum continuous output per socket
  • USB Ports (Quantity = 4) -  USB-C PD (5V 3A / 9V 2A / 12V 1.5A), USB-A QC 3.0 (5V 3A / 9V 2A / 12V 1.5A) 
  • Basecamp LED Light Ports (Quantity = 2): - 12V DC output. Connect up to 10 chainable basecamp lights together per port. 


  • Lithium Ion (Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide, NMC) 550 Watts discharge continuous for 2 hours
  • 12.6V DC, 90AH
  • Up to 2000 charge cycles to 80% capacity
  • Up to 10 years shelf life, charge every 6 months, stored at 68°F (20°C)
  • Over-charge protection, over-discharge protection, short circuit protection, thermal protection, and battery balancing


  • Weight: 25 lbs (11.3 Kg)
  • Dimensions: 7" Tall x 14" Wide x 8" Deep
  • Warranty: 12 months

Note: you can extend useful run times off-grid by connecting the solar panel during the day and maximizing the internal battery charge.

You can charge Inergy’s solar generators and use the power outputs at the same time.


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