Inergy Kodiak Buyer's Guide

Apr 26, 2018

Inergy Kodiak Solar Generator Buyer's Guide 

Kodiak Inergy solar generator is an easy plug and play system. The Kodiak has many charge options and several plug in options. The generator is great for users looking for a back up generator or a camping solution.

Are you interested in buying an Kodiak? Have you already brought one and are trying to figure out? The Inergy Kodiak Solar Generator Buyer's guide helps you figure out how to get your generator set up to work for you.  

In this guide we will be covering: 

    • How to Charge Inergy 's Kodiak Solar Generator 
    • Solar Panel Setup for Inergy's Kodiak Generator
    • Store and protect your Kodiak Generator and Solar Panels 
    • Kodiak Accessories (LED Camp Lights) 
    • Increasing your Battery Capacity
    • Resource Links 

    (Note: If you are just looking for a pack that gives you all the cables and panels you need, then I recommend checking out the Inergy Kodiak Solar Generator Super Pack and the Inergy Kodiak Solar Generator PORTABLE Super Pack)


    How to Charge Inergy Kodiak Solar Generator 

    Kodiak is easy to charge. You will have five options to charge the Kodiak.  You can only charge the Kodiak with one of the charge options at a time: 

    1. 12 Volt Car Charger:

      • Full charge: 4 hours
      • Charge the Kodiak from your car.
      • 3 ft cable car charger
      • Uses a car's DC charge port at 240W.
    2. External Battery Charge:
      • This option will not give you a full charge.
      • If you plug in an Inergy approved 12 volt external battery to the external bank connectors, the Kodiak will equalize with any external battery added to the system as long as it is an approved Inergy Battery.
      • Example: let's say you have one battery (doesn't matter which external or internal kodiak battery) at 100% and another at 50% overtime both batteries will equalize to 75% charge.
      • Full Charge: ~11 hours 
      • The AC Adapter charges the Kodiak  at 110 Volts.
      • Included with Kodiak
      • Full Charge: ~6 hours
      • Cuts the time of the standard AC adapter in about half.
      • Supplies 190 Watt (16A, 12.6V) 

    5. Solar Panels:

      Kodiak has two ports for charging using Kodiak solar panels. The following is the charge time in optimal sun light.
        • Predator 50W Panels Charge Time 
          • (1) 50W - 24 hours
          • (3) 50W- 8 hours 
          • (5) 50W- 5 hours
          • (7) 50W - 4 hours 
          • Solar Storm 100W Panels Charge Time 
            • (1) 100W - 12-14 hours
            • (2) 100W- 6-7 hours 
            • (4) 100W - 3-4
            • (6) 100W - 1.5 - 2

          Solar Panel Setup for Inergy Kodiak Generator 

          • Predator 50 Watt Solar Panel 
            • Predator 50 Cable
              • Length option: 15 feet
              • You will need to purchase one Predator 50 cable for each set of 3 panels that are hooked to the Kodiak.
              • If more than 3 panels you will need a combiner adapter (call for a custom order). 
            • Maximum number of panels for one Kodiak Generator: 12 
            • Waterproof, shatterproof, semi-flexible for most rugged terrain 
            • You connect multiple panels together (Max: 3 panels). 
          • Solar Storm 100 Watt Solar Panel:
            • Solar Storm 100 Cable

              • You will need purchase 1 cable for every panel you purchase. 
              • Length options: 4ft or 30 ft 
            • Maximum number of panels for one Kodiak Generator: 6 
            • Rigid and aluminum framed 100 Watts 

          • MC4 to Neutrik Adapter Cable
            • Used to connect non-Inergy Solar Panels 
            • Compatible Solar Panel guideline:
              • Stay below 600 Watts 
              • Stay below 30 Amps 
              • Generally 180 Watts and under Panels will work 
              • If you want to make sure that your solar panel will be compatible with the Kodiak, contact Inergy directly. 

          Store and protect your Kodiak Generators and Solar Panels 

          • Predator 50 Travel/Storage bag
            • Water resistant nylon travel bag
            • ideal for transport and storing. 
            • Pocket for cable and strap 
            • Holds up to 6 Predator 50 Solar Panels 
          • EMP Bag 20 x 30
            • Perfect for Kodiak Generator, Basecamp LED, AC Chargers, etc. 
            • 38 pound puncture resistance to prevent cuts and tears 
          • EMP Bag 32 x 38
            • Perfect for 50 Solar Panels (Can fit up to 4 in each bag)
            • 38 pound puncture resistance to prevent cuts and tears

          Kodiak LED Camp Lights 

          Increasing your Inergy Kodiak Battery Capacity: 

          • What type of battery can you connect: 110amp, 12 VDC, Deep Cycle Marin Battery will add 1.2kW to your battery capacity. These batteries can be found where you buy car batteries in store. 
          • How many batteries you can connect: You can connect as many as you would like to the Kodiak. But be aware that the more batteries you add on the slower the charge rate. 

          Learn more about the Kodiak

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