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EcoJohn Basic - Self Contained Composting Toilet

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  • EcoJohn Basic - Self Contained Composting Toilet

    The BASIC series composting toilet from EcoJohn consists of two waterless composting toilet models: one that operates on 12V DC and one that operates on 120V AC. The BASIC toilet uses a simple design, yet it is equipped with several smart features that make it highly attractive and popular.

    How the toilet works

    The BASIC series composting toilet is equipped with a separating and drying feature. The solid waste is collected in a special environmental box inside the toilet.  The liquid waste is separated from the toilet through a special liquid waste hose.  Underneath the waste box there is a heating plate that dries the waste material in the box and eliminates odor; the heating plate is controlled via a thermostat and reaches a temperature at which most bacteria die. 

    When the compost box is full, simply open the toilet and remove the entire waste box with its waste bag, or only take out the waste bag itself and then add the entire bag/box to a composting pile.  After a few months the waste and bag will decompose, leaving you with perfectly safe compost material that makes great landscaping and garden fertilizer. No chemicals are used; adding sawdust or other bulking material after each use will improve the composting process but is not necessary for operation.

     The liquid waste is separated away in the front of the toilet bowl.  By using gravity the liquid waste gets drained outside the rear of the unit.  The liquid waste is collected with a domestic wastewater system, or guided to a drain pit or to a container.  By mixing 1 part of liquid waste with 8 parts water, it can be used as a fertilizer.

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    • Waterless toilet - no need for sewage or septic systems
    • Runs on 12V DC or 120V AC
    • Can operate in cold and hot climates
    • Ecological, economical, and logistical benefits
    • Easy to install, maintain, and use
    • Can be installed in fixed or mobile applications
    • Liquid waste can be used as a garden fertilizer
    • Lightweight - only 45 pounds.  Can easily be transported


    There is no maximum limit of usage.  Simply change the box when it gets full.  For daily usage of three people, the waste bag will need to be emptied every 2-3 weeks.


    One must sit when using the toilet so that solid waste and urine are separated.  Both the fan and the heater run; the heater dries the solid waste whereas urine is transported out of the unit.  When the box is full, remove it and add to a compost pile.


    The installation is very easy and it can be done by following a few easy steps.  First, install the vent pipe that comes with the unit through the roof or out through the wall.  Next, connect the power supply.  Finally, decide what to do with the liquid waste hose from among these three options:

    1. Collect it in a container and use it as a great fertilizer (1 part liquid waste to 8 parts water)

    2. Guide it to a drain pit (see below for guidelines; check with your local authorities for any restrictions)

    3. Guide it to an existing sewer line

    When installing the liquid drain hose, it is imperative that it has an adequate drop through its entire length to prevent it from getting clogged.  This is especially important when the toilet is being installed where the temperature gets below freezing.


    The BASIC composting toilet is very safe and reliable to operate.  It has no moving parts that can fail; its basic design keeps it very easy to operate and maintain.  It doesn’t require any fuel and the heating element keeps the temperature below 130 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Building a Drain Pit

    Dig a drain pit approximately 12”-24” wide.  Add about 24” or more of loose fill such as sand or crushed rocks below the drain pit.  Add limestone gravel inside the drain pit. Guide the waste hose toward the pit.  Connect the hose to a PVC pipe and guide it into the center of the drain pit, ensuring that the pipe will gravity-feed the liquid waste into the pit.  Next cover the top of the limestone gravel with a plastic cover.  Add 2” of earth on top of the plastic cover; then add another 6”-10” of sand, soil, and grass. Important: make sure the drain pit is 50 feet away from any water source.

    Cost of Usage

    The cost of running the unit is considerably low.  There is no fuel cost.  The only operating costs are electricity usage — which is low — and replacing waste bags.  If a 12V DC battery is being used, solar panels can be installed to backup and recharge the battery.


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