Why The Nature’s Head Dry Composting Toilet Does Not Smell Bad

Why The Nature’s Head Dry Composting Toilet Does Not Smell Bad

The Nature Head toilet should not smell bad if it is properly maintained. Nature's Head dry composting toilet will separate the solids and the urine so as to prevent the toilet from smelling. It is normal for the toilet to have a slightly earthy smell when it is working properly, although the smell can differ from one toilet to another because it will depend on the bulking material used.

You should always make sure that Nature’s Head Installation of the fan and Nature’s head vent have been properly installed and are functioning the way they are supposed to, and doing this will help because it will help keep the smell away. The vent and fan work together to get rid of excess liquid that is in Nature’s Head toilet solids bin.

If you start to notice that the composting toilet is smelling, then you don’t have to worry because there are a number of common causes and they are easy to deal with. One is malfunctioning of the fan. Start by making sure that Nature’s Head toilet fan has been plugged into a power source and it is working well. The liquid will evaporate at a slower rate if the fan and vent are not working, which will result in bad odor.

Another issue that could cause a bad smell is if the liquid bottles have been poorly sealed. If Nature’s Head composting toilets start to smell urine, check if the liquids bottle has been properly and tightly sealed when the top of the lid of nature’s head is in the down and latched position.

When is the Right Time to Empty the Nature’s Head Waterless Toilet?

Nature's head is self-contained, waterless, dry composting, and urine separating toilet. The keyword is “composting toilet”. Time is needed so that the waster can be truly broken down, and this means the longer the waste has to sit, the more complete the process of composting is.

If you are using the toilet on a full-time basis, it is quite impractical to leave the waste in the bin to fully compost. This is why it is a good idea to have an external compost pile where you will be disposing the waste from the head for it to finish breaking down.

The more the time you wait before you empty the toilet, the nicer the job will be. Many owners usually leave the waste in the toilet over the winter then empty them in the spring. This might not work on some applications, but you will notice that the waste will start decomposing and just paper products can be seen in just a single week.

It is not a good idea to leave the liquid waste for a long period of time. Some urine will have a bad smell when allowed to sit for a long period of time.

Where Do I Empty My Nature’s Head Self Contained Toilet?

When dumping the toilet, you will deal with two pieces. The solids bin and the urine bottle.
The urine bottle has the capacity to hold 2.2 gallons of liquid, and you will have to empty it more frequently than the solid bin. Urine can be used as fertilizer for mature trees or it can be diluted before it is used for plants. Take one-part urine and add eight-part water to get a great liquid fertilizer that doesn’t smell.

You will have to handle the compost bin differently. The compost pile or bin is where you need to empty the compost section of the toilet. This is not possible in some installations. When traveling, you can do it using a bag and bury it or throw it in the trash.


For more information, you can find the Natures Head Composting Toilet Manual on our product page. 

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