West Virginia Tiny Home Builders

West Virginia boasts a builder offering a modular take on your Tiny dream.

Have a look at this builder in West Virginia.

Express Modular

Express Modular West Virginia Tiny House Builder

Years ago we decided that the traditional method of building homes outdoors just wasn’t how we wanted to deliver our custom homes to our customers. As a builder, we knew our passion was in providing beautiful, well-built homes. We discovered that modular construction is a building system that permits us to consistently deliver on our promise to our clients without the need to become a modular home manufacturer. We use modern modular construction to build energy efficient and healthy custom homes for our customers and their families at a great value.

At Express Modular, we all come to work every day because we are passionate about helping people build a new home. We take calls and emails from people that have never built a new home in their life. They don’t know where to start, how to get financing, when to apply for permits, how to get land, or how to design their new home. We educate and offer advice to our customers at each step of the process to reduce anxiety so our customers can enjoy the process of creating their new home.

Martinsburg, WV
Phone: 877-419-2525 

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