South Carolina Tiny Home Builders

South Carolina has a growing tiny home community and it has some fantastic, professional builders to support the movement!

Here's a list of tiny home builders in South Carolina.

Charleston Tiny Houses Inc.

Charleston Tiny Houses Builder South Carolina

Our company is designed with you in mind. We tailor each house, our design and build, to make your tiny house enjoyable, fit your lifestyle and help you meet your goals to live small. We hope that our attention to detail and desire to provide excellent quality shines through each and every tiny house we build.

Sullivans Island, South Carolina
Phone: 843-901-9006

Green River Log Cabins

Green River Log Cabins Tiny Home Builder South Carolina  

When we bought Green River Cabins — nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains in
Campobello, SC — in 2006, we brought with us a wealth of knowledge on RV and cabin
manufacturing. With more than 1000 cabins to our credit, the Green River Cabins team is
qualified, dedicated, and talented — superior craftsmen who take pride in our trade.

The Green River difference is obvious from the start. We pay attention to what you want
as a customer because the vision of what the cabin will become is completely up to you. You can start with one of our 20+ plans and adapt from there to create your perfect cabin. Our team is by your side the whole way, turning the cabin in your head into a finished product that fits both your needs and your budget. 

Campobello, South Carolina
Phone: 864-457-2444

Driftwood Homes USA


Looking to simplify your lifestyle and have more freedom?  Perhaps you'd like a vacation or hunting/fishing getaway.  Would you like to reduce your debt?  Maybe you'd like to live more environmentally friendly. Learn how to become part of the tiny home movement.  For more information on pricing, plans & specifications contact us today!

Bluffton, South Carolina
Phone: 843-837-1119

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