Reasons Why The Nature's Head Dry Composting Toilet Does't Smell Bad

Reasons Why The Nature's Head Dry Composting Toilet Does't Smell Bad

If the Nature's Head toilet is properly maintained, it shouldn't ever smell bad. The key to having an odorless toilet is the separation of solids and urine inside of this dry composting toilet. When it is working correctly there will be a slight earthy odor which might differ somewhat depending on what toilet composting bulking material is being used.

Making sure the vent and fan on your Natures Head RV or marine toilet are installed and working correctly will also help to ensure the smells are kept away. The vent and fan working together will help to remove any excess liquid in the solids bin of the Nature's Head toilet.

If your composting toilet starts smelling bad, there are a couple of common causes that can be easily fixed. One could be a fan malfunctioning.. Make sure that that fan on your Nature's Head toilet is operational and plugged into a power source. Without the vent and fan, liquids evaporate much more slowly and a bad odor may result.

Having a liquids bottle that is poorly sealed is another common problem that might cause bad odor. If there is a urine smell coming from your Nature's Head composting toilet, make sure to check out the liquids bottle to ensure it has a tight when the top lid is in the latched and down position.

When Should My Nature's Head Waterless Toilet Be Emptied?

The Nature's Head is a dry composting, urine separating, self-contained, waterless toilet. "Composting toilet" is the key phrase here. In order to really break the waste down, time is needed. The longer the waste sits, the more complete the composting process will be.

When the Nature's Head toilet is being used on a full-time basis, it will usually not be practical to leave the waste inside of the solids bin to completely compost. Therefore, having an external compost pile can be a good place for disposing the waste from your toilet so it can complete the breaking down process.

The longer you can wait before you empty the toilet, the more pleasant the task will be. Many owners of the Nature's Head Tiny House Toilet leave the solid wastes inside of the toilet all winter and then empty it out in the spring. For some applications that might not be possible, but even in just as short an amount of time as one week you will discover that a lot of the solid wastes will have started to decompose, and the only thing visible will be the paper products. It is best to not leave liquid waste inside of the tank of the toilet for extended periods of time. Although everybody is different, there is some urine that will start smelling bad if it sits for an extended period of time.

Where Should I Empty Out My Nature's Head Self Contained Toilet?

The Nature's Head toilet has two pieces that need to be dumped out. They are the solids bin and the urine bottle. The urine bottle holds around 2.2 gallons worth of liquid and needs to be emptied out more often in most installations than the solids bin.

For mature trees, urine is an excellent fertilizer and for plants can be diluted. When urine is diluted with eight parts water for every one part urine it will help to ensure you have an excellent liquid fertilizer to use on your plants. You won't have an issue with any bad smells.

The compost bin needs to be handled a bit differently. The compost section will ideally be emptied into a compost bin or pile. That isn't possible with some installation. If you are traveling, you can put it into a bag, and then bury it or dispose of in the trash.

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