Pennsylvania Tiny Home Builders

Pennsylvania has a growing tiny home community and it has some fantastic, professional builders to support the movement!

Here's a list of tiny home builders in Pennsylvania.

Liberation Tiny Homes

Liberation Tiny Homes Builder Pennsylvania

Here at Liberation Tiny Homes we believe every individual should have the opportunity to
design, build and then live in their own home. That is why we started our company, to help more people fulfill their dreams of living a more economically and environmentally responsible lifestyle, and to close the gap between price and quality of a well designed, well built Tiny House On Wheels (THOW).

We are located in the heart of beautiful Lancaster County, PA, where we have an eclectic mix of cultures and people, from the plain Amish and Mennonite farmers and tradesmen, to the amazing arts communities in Lancaster city, and everything in between. We believe the Tiny House Movement is such a perfect fit to our area, a perfect blend of traditional and modern ways of life.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Phone: 717-327-3890

Tiny Living by 84 Lumber

Tiny Living by 84 Lumber Pennsylvania Tiny Home Builder  

Tiny Living by 84 Lumber offers a smaller footprint on the earth, financial freedom, simple living without clutter and the freeing spirit of adventure! Tiny houses can be used for numerous uses ranging from vacation homes to mobile permanent living! 

Eighty Four, Pennsylvania
Phone: ??? ??? ????

Sheds Unlimited

Sheds Unlimited Tiny Home Builder Pennsylvania

Sheds Unlimited is happy to provide ideas for Tiny Houses for sale from in PA. As of 2016 we are offering our turn-key Mini Houses for sale. Order your tiny house from Sheds Unlimited and enjoy your life in a quality built and fully customized tiny house of your own.

We are also offing turn-key office sheds, backyard getaway rooms, portable hunting cabins, she sheds and fully finished workshop spaces. Take a look at our backyard spaces page for ideas on building of your choice.

Gap, Pennsylvania 17527
Phone: 717-442-3281


The Unknown Craftsmen

The Unknown Craftsmen TIny Home Builder Pennsylvania

Our greatest passion is to work with creative clients to design, build, and enhance uniquely artistic and personal homes. We're interested in making every home - tiny or large, contracted or DIY - a work of art that is intimately meaningful for those who live there. Therefore, unlike many others in the industry, our company does not have models for mass reproduction. Rather, we want to work directly with you to understand what you want so that we can help make your coolest ideas and wildest dreams a reality.

Unityville, Pennsylvania
Phone: 570-447-3127

Cozy Cabins, LLC

Cozy Cabins LLC Tiny Home Builder Pennsylvania 

My wife and I started Cozy Cabins just a few years after marriage. We have been blessed with over 20 years of marriage and five children. Our family lives in a log home (surprise!) that we had built during a time when our company was in the business of building children’s playhouses and small camping/hunting cabins. Little did we know, we would eventually be building homes to fulfill other families’ dreams! 

New Holland, Pennsylvania
Phone: 717-354-3278

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