Oregon Tiny Home Builders

Oregon has a growing tiny home community and it has some fantastic, professional builders to support the movement!

Here's a list of tiny home builders in Oregon.  

Rich Portable Cabins


Rich’s Portable Cabins, Inc. began as a concept. Twelve years ago, Rich Daniels was self-employed as a timber cruiser contractor in the ailing timber industry. As he could see the inevitable “writing on the wall” as far as job security, he decided to venture into a career that was more “sustainable” but still stay in the timber industry. 

150 Bidwell Rd. North Powder Oregon 97867 
Phone: 541-898-2444


Tiny Heirloom

Tiny Heirloom Tiny Home Builder Oregon 

Based in Portland, Oregon & Family run, Tiny Heirloom is recognized as the worlds premier tiny home builder and one of the only companies that can truly claim to build pure custom built tiny homes. It all started with an idea, ambition and a luxurious twist on an already great platform.

Oregon City, Oregon 97045 

Shelter Wise

Shelter Wise Tiny House Builder Oregon

Shelter Wise is a specialty Design-Build firm providing unique dwelling services to people that seek to save energy and simplify their living spaces while displaying true craftsmanship for a better tomorrow.

Made up of a team of unique building professionals with a passion for offering creative, high quality, energy-efficient and captivating dwelling spaces under eight hundred square feet.

Based in Portland, Oregon, Shelter Wise embodies the pure beauty and independent spirit of the Pacific Northwest

Portland, Oregon 97203
Email: info@shelterwisellc.com

Tiny Mountain Houses

Tiny Mountain Homes Oregon 

An open vista unfolds before you as the pine scented air whips through your hair. You sit on top of a mountain with a hot cup of coffee planning your next hike. The thing that you don’t have to worry about is home; it’s already here.

Tiny Houses are a way to travel in comfort, to downsize a hectic lifestyle, or to make that ‘cabin in the woods’ (or on the lake, or on the beach, or on the top of the mountain) an option without sacrificing quality, craftsmanship, comfort, or affordability.

Offering rustic designs as well as modern homes we have something to suit everyone’s needs. As a young company, located out of Salem, Oregon we have an eagerness to jump into new projects, offering flexibility and openness to your input in ways that larger companies are unable to do.

Salem, Oregon
Phone: 800-605-8329

Oregon Cottage Company

Oregon Cottage Company Tiny Home Builder Oregon 

Is dedicated to providing healthy Tiny Homes of the highest craftsmanship to a growing
demographic of individuals wanting a simpler way of life. We understand how the social
economical world is changing and wish to offer housing options that bring together our
knowledge of the built and natural environment with the creative mindset of our clients. In
2008, by introducing the Siskiyou (Northwest) Tiny Home, we established ourselves in Cottage Grove, Oregon and as a valued asset to the Tiny Home movement. Since then we have relocated to a 27-acre Ecology Center in Eugene Oregon where we have continued to design and build tiny homes. We have a shop where we build our Cottages and a Tiny Office where we do all of our drawing and administrative work. All of our work is done on site so we always have direct supervision. We believe that communication is the key to our quality and believe this direct relationship between construction, and design intent fosters a beautiful product. 

Eugene, Oregon 97405
Phone: 541-731-7009

Tiny Home Oregon

Tiny Home Oregon Builder 

Tiny Home Oregon Home Builders specializes in the design and build of Trailers in true "Tiny House" fashion.

Based in Beautiful Central Oregon, Tiny Home Oregon focuses on tailored climate construction, ecologically friendly materials with emphasis on modern aeronautical style "fail-safe" engineering.

From extreme winter environments of the north and to the warm reaches of the south, each Tiny Home Oregon is fully featured and designed to be as livable as possible.

Prineville, Oregon 97754
Phone: 541-678-3399

Small Home Oregon

Small Home Oregon Builder

I’ve been designing and building Small Homes, Garden Cottages, and Tear-Drop Trailers for about 10 years now. I have to confess that I was building conspicuously large houses made for families of 10 but unfortunately inhabited by families of 3 or less. Hopefully, with your help, we are paddling with the current in the river of new small housing and other better-fitting habitation.

I’ve been a full-time licensed, bonded general residential contractor here in Oregon since 1992 with a good knowledge of building codes and practices, an eye for functional detail, and a quest to learn more and become better in my craft. Here again, you can help me with this. 

Portland, Oregon 97218
Phone: 503-201-6635

Tiny Smart House Inc.

Tiny Smart House Inc Tiny Home Builder Oregon 

The Tiny SMART House company is an officially licensed Oregon RV manufacturer. We build all of our Tiny SMART Houses to meet both Oregon DMV and ANSI certification. With a Tiny SMART House, you get a licensed, functional RV built like a house, to last like a house. We can also build our Tiny SMART Houses to Oregon residential re-fabricated code, opening up a wide variety of placement options.

Albany, Oregon 97321 
Phone: 541-908-9066

Tongue and Groove Tiny Homes

Tongue And Groove Tiny Homes Builder Oregon

At Tongue and Groove, we build, sell, and rent custom-made structures – from tiny houses on wheels to tiny taverns to Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). Whether functioning completely off the grid on a remote plot of land or plugging into an existing home in town, we’ll work with you to construct the perfect house, office, food cart – whatever you can imagine! Please contact us for more information. 

Bend, Oregon

Daystar Tiny Homes

Daystar Tiny Homes Builder Oregon 

We build your tiny home/cabin to fit your needs and specifications with our standard models as a starting point. We can customize any of our models and floor plans to suit your needs and tastes. We are relationship driven and strive to exceed your expectations for your special tiny home with integrity and quality. We are a licensed general contractor so we can do site builds or deliver your tiny home and set it on a foundation.

We also offer a prefabricated kit that is available with a trailer that is framed and insulated
and ready to assemble. Or we can build your shell 100% and you can finish the interior yourself.

Salem, Oregon 97317 
Phone: 503-983-9180

Southern Oregon Tiny Homes

Southern Oregon Tiny Homes Builder

Our mission is to build small, custom spaces, for life’s big adventures, while providing a retreat for those who find comfort in a well-built home.

Southern Oregon Tiny Homes (SO Tiny Homes) has the goal of building creative, innovative, and quality small homes. We are equally excited about a 600-700 square foot small house that sits on a foundation, as we are about a 200 square foot tiny home built on a trailer. We see the desire to live smaller as good for the soul, good for the community,  and good for the planet.

Our tiny homes offer efficient, well planned, quality built living spaces that are far more affordable than traditionally built houses. The tiny home movement has inspired us to create something that will be special for you. We welcome you into our family business and invite you to join the community of tiny homes and big adventures.

Medford, Oregon
Phone: 541-621-5387

Tru Form Tiny

Tru Form Tiny Home Builder Oregon 


In 1978 Jon Carroll (owner) tree planted with the largest worker-owned co-op in the United States - Hoedads Reforestation Cooperative. With his family, including his 3-year-old son Jen Carroll (owner), Jon spent half the year in the Northwest forests, working and living. They began with pitching a tent but quickly found living this way difficult when the weather turned.

Needing to get his family out of the mud, and into a clean, warm environment, Jon decided to construct a tiny house travel trailer. This was before "Tiny" was in style. After some trial and error, the house became a functional and beautiful home for temporary use. Warm, cozy, and out of the mud! 

Eugene, Oregon
Phone: 775-502-0283

Thimble Homes

Thimble Homes Oregon Tiny Home Builder

Thimble Homes, LLC, is a custom tiny home builder and component supplier. We sell trailer foundations, steel frames, and progressive Tiny Home starter units. Allow us to sell you the foundation of your home all the way to a turn-key completed unit.

We are partnered with the best in the business from our durable Trailer Made Custom Trailer foundations, to steel frames by Volstrukt, your home will be the safest, strongest and most desirable Tiny Home on the market. 

Newberg, Oregon
Phone: 503-277-9000


Ideabox Oregon Tiny Home Builder 

We're experts at using the prefab housing system to create cost-effective, imaginative,

energy-efficient, modern housing with space-savvy layouts and high-quality materials.

We are continually exploring ways to utilize everything the prefab building platform offers, our clients love the results. 

Salem, Oregon 97301
Phone: 503-510-4789

Backyard Bungalows

Backyard Bungalows Oregon Tiny House Builder

Backyard Bungalows provides custom and prefabricated design-build services with a mission of building tiny houses that are affordable and accessible to a diverse range of people at all income levels. We specialize in small structures under 400 square feet, built on foundations or on wheels—at various levels of interior or exterior finish, depending on your vision and budget. 

Eugene, Oregon 97402

Wood Iron Tiny Homes

We are a family owned-and-operated LLC at the base of the Cascade Range in Central Oregon. Wood Iron Tiny Homes [WITH] are intentionally craft constructed in Sisters, Oregon with durable exterior quality and unique interior beauty. As an experienced carpenter, craftsman, and home builder of two decades, as well as a tiny living enthusiast, Spud is the artist behind this model with every feature meticulously designed and hand-crafted. Adhering to wilderness landscapes, we specialize in using a modern natural edge to create the feeling of “Home” with the flexibility to “Take Life [WITH] You.”

Sisters, Oregon
Phone: 541-595-8554

Bouses Tiny Homes

I'm new to the tiny home scene, this is my first one. I have been a general contractor since 1993 in Southern California and a year now in Oregon.

Rogue River, Oregon
Phone: 541-951-6643

Covo Tiny House

Covo Tiny House builds tiny, portable living spaces that inspire a life of freedom. Our hand-crafted tiny homes are thoughtfully designed to maximize comfort and convenience without sacrificing livability.

Portland, Oregon
Phone: 971-319-1912

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