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Oregon Tiny Home Builders


Rich Portable Cabins


Rich’s Portable Cabins, Inc. began as a concept. Twelve years ago, Rich Daniels was self-employed as a timber cruiser contractor in the ailing timber industry. As he could see the inevitable “writing on the wall” as far as job security, he decided to venture into a career that was more “sustainable”, but still stay in the timber industry. 

150 Bidwell Rd. North Powder Oregon 97867 
Phone: 541-898-2444

Tiny Mountain Houses

Tiny Mountain Homes Oregon

Tiny Mountain Houses is a Pacific Northwest based provider of Tiny Homes. Our homes are available in many styles and sizes.

Whether your Tiny Home is for weekend or full time living or maybe your dream is traveling the country, Tiny Mountain Houses offers custom built or off the shelf designs to meet your needs with off the grid options.

Phone: 800-605-8329