North Carolina Tiny Home Builders

North Carolina has a growing tiny home community and it has some fantastic, professional builders to support the movement!

Here's a list of tiny home builders in North Carolina.

Tiny Life Construction

Tiny Life Construction North Carolina Tiny Home Builder

At Tiny Life Construction, we are passionate about embracing new challenges. We believe releasing the clutter in our lives is the only way we’ll be free to jump into our next adventure. We want to get out of how life used to be, and start chasing how life should be. We believe change should be embraced, not feared. We desire a new beginning where “simplicity” is part of our daily vocabulary. We want to choose what we see outside our front door, and we want to own where we lay our head at night. We want to own our freedom.

Greensboro, North Carolina 
Phone: 713-906-9200

Perch & Nest

Perch and Nest Tiny Home Builder North Carolina 

Bridging a passion for both simple living and skilled craftsmanship, the Perch & Nest team consists of experienced home builders, carpenters, designers, up-cyclers, and licensed professionals who are also homeowners, parents, and homesteaders. We share in these passions and work together to provide quality and thoughtfully built homes.

Whether new or restored, on wheels or on land, each of our homes is custom designed with the end users needs and inspiration in mind. And every Perch & Nest home is constructed utilizing general building code and state-of-the-art materials ensuring your home is safe, efficient, and will withstand our times.

Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Phone: ??? ??? ????

Brevard Tiny House

Brevard Tiny House Builder North Carolina

Brevard Tiny House Company's goal is to offer alternative housing options to people who seek more economical and environmentally-friendly dwellings.

Brevard, North Carolina
Phone: ??? ??? ????


Wishbone Tiny Homes

Wishbone Tiny Homes Builder North Carolina

Wishbone Tiny Homes is a family owned and operated NC General Contracting company

focused on meeting the diverse needs of the next generation tiny home buyer.

Credentialed in Energy Auditing, LEED, and Solar PV, we offer the expertise required to build green. Whether your needs are for part-time or full-time living, we can find a one-of-a-kind solution for you and your loved ones. Partnering with non-profits to provide financial support, employment, and shelter to those who need it the most is a core mission of Wishbone Tiny Homes.

Asheville, North Carolina 
Phone: 8283375879 

Tiny Freedom Homes

Tiny Freedom Homes Tiny Home Builder North Carolina

Tiny Freedom Homes, Inc was co-founded by Carl Gallimore and Bob Anderson with each bringing 20 plus years of professional home building, remodeling and factory built manufacturing experience to the organization. Carl has worked directly with Champion Homes, Fleetwood Homes and Clayton Homes facilities for 20 years helping design, construct and build customers home dreams throughout the Southeast.

Bob developed experience through employment with factory built manufacturers of Oakwood Homes "#1 home seller" in 1996, then Champion Homes "#1 home builder" in 2000 working with customers, developers, designers and home projects. Bob has touched a customer/home projects in 49 of 50 states, missing Alaska but willing to fix the gap.

Carthage, North Carolina
Phone: 336-331-5104


Bucks Tiny Houses

Bucks Tiny Houses Tiny Home Builder North Carolina

In 1971, founder Robert Bailey opened his general store serving the community with gas,

refurbished appliances and food. The business grew year after year and morphed into the major stove manufacturer, Buck Stove. Buck Stove is now the parent company to Buck's Tiny Houses as well as Tri-State Powder Coating and Fabrication. Robert Bailey's vision of high quality products made in America has stimulated his home town of Spruce Pine NC by creating 100's of jobs. Buck's Tiny Houses is proud to be part of the Buck Stove family and holds true to it's mission and standards.

At Bucks Tiny Houses, we believe that every tiny home should get the chance to be as unique as you are! Our base models come with customizeable options that give you the chance to make your home truly individual. 

Spruce Pine, North Carolina 
Phone: 828-765-6144

Blue Ridge Tiny Homes

Blue Ridge Tiny Homes Builder North Carolina 

We are a Tiny Home building company with a passion for unique & inspiring creations. We’ve had the privilege to work with some of the most wonderful people in the business and have established a reputation for always bringing innovation, creativity, and ease to the table with every project.

Barnardsville, North Carolina
Phone: 828-450-0861

Migration Tiny Homes

Migration Tiny Homes Builder North Carolina

We know how finding the right builder is essential to making your dream become reality with your own tiny home. Our team has been designing and building custom homes for many years. If you have higher expectations for the appearance and comfort of your home, and if you desire a high performance home that is built to last, schedule an appointment to speak with our professional team. 

Richfield, North Carolina
Phone: 336-601-4653

Yogi's Fine Woodworks & Tiny Home Designs

I'm an artist first and foremost. I create with absolute love for my craft. I build to make people happy. I pour myself into it. I build for my own standard, which is unimaginably higher than what you expect. I leave my love behind with my hands. You will feel the warmth for as long as you own my homes.

Marshall, North Carolina
Phone: ???-???-????

M & K Timber Works

We offer handcrafted affordable timber frames for timber frame homes and timber frame barns. We also build timber frame kits. We have very low overhead which allows us to cut frames starting at $16 per sq. ft.  We have a Wood-Mizer portable sawmill that allows us to control our raw material and allows us to offer frames at lower cost.  Our wood of preference is local white pine but we can obtain any species of wood desired.  We only work on one frame at a time so we provide excellent customer service.  We also specialize in tiny timber frames for homes and barns.  Yes, our website is very basic but it works.  Our yearly schedule gets filled usually by the fall so contact us very early in your building schedule.

Fleetwood, North Carolina
Phone: 306-877-1856


Eco-Huts was created in July 2009 in North Carolina after the housing and economic crash of 2008.  It was inspired by a vision of simplicity in living while using state-of-the-art green materials and design. An Eco-Hut floor, walls and roof are efficiently put together one engineered 4’ wide panel at a time. Each panel is pre-cut, pre-insulated, pre-sided, pre-routed for wiring and pre-primed for paint – AND over twice as a strong and more energy efficient per inch compared to a stick built wall. Eco-Huts loves to save trees and time. We love the value of an Eco-Hut and hope you do to! Read more about the benefits of Eco-Huts below. Hope to hear from you soon!!! Whether you are an individual homeowner or an investor interested in becoming an Eco-Developer, talk to us today!!

Waynesville, North Carolina
Phone: ???-???-????

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