New Mexico Tiny Home Builders

New Mexico has a growing tiny home community and it has some fantastic, professional builders to support the movement!

Here's a list of tiny home builders in New Mexico.


Shopdog New Mexico Tiny House Builder


We approach every project we do with enthusiasm, grace, and fun. Everything we do is done because we want to do it, not because we have to do it. The result is beautiful, sustainable, affordable works of art and design. We are a Creative Services and Project Management organization!

New Mexico
Phone: 612-508-3180

Southwest Tiny Homes

Southwest Tiny Homes New Mexico Builder


Southwest Tiny Homes, LLC is based in sunny New Mexico. The homes we design and build are meant to simplify your life. “Tiny home living” is eco-friendly, leaves a smaller footprint, and allows you more time to experience life, family and friends—rather than simply working to pay a mortgage.

Southwest Tiny Homes owner Steve Villines is an accomplished custom home builder with over 40 years of experience in custom home building and remodeling. Southwest Tiny Homes, LLC is Steve’s compact dream come true. One of Steve’s Tiny Homes was featured on Tiny Home Nation (episode aired July 23, 2016).

Williamsburg, New Mexico 87942
Phone: 575-740-0783


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