Missouri Tiny Home Builders

Missouri has a growing tiny home community and it has some fantastic, professional builders to support the movement!

Here's a list of tiny home builders in Missouri.

Mini Mansions

Mini Mansions Missouri Tiny Home Builder

Welcome to our Tiny House Dream! We've been where you are, and we would LOVE to take you where you need to be! We ourselves, have been overwhelmed with what society expects our life should be. A big house filled with expensive furniture and material things, fancy cars, and designer clothes. Our life was ONLY about working to pay for all of those fancy things. What was the point? We had no time for family, friends, or our community. We were drowning financially for STUFF that didn't even make us happy any more. We began to resent everything we owned because we became a slave to it. Enough was enough! We dramatically downsized our life, in every way possible, to ensure a simple lifestyle so that we could actually LIVE. We aren't just a Tiny Home Builder, we are you! We have walked in your shoes. We have been where you are now.

With that said, we still work hard and long hours, but we LOVE what we do. We actually fall in love with every Tiny House we build, and even get emotional when they sell and roll out of our factory. We build the STRONGEST most well build homes in the industry. And that's not coming from us, it comes from a licensed ANSI residential home inspector who specializes in Tiny Homes on Wheels.

St. Peters, Missouri
Phone: 314-898-7671

Custom Container Living

Custom Container Living Tiny Home Builder Missouri

At Custom Container Living our focus is on you and your satisfaction. That is why each of our container cabins is custom built to fit your needs, with quality and affordability as our main goals. Whether you are wanting it as a cabin at the lake, a detached office, permanent housing, or simply for extra storage, we know you will be satisfied when choosing Custom Container Living for your specific need.

Archie Missouri
Phone: 816-885-1344

Rocio Romero

Rocio Romero LLC Tiny Home Builder Missouri

Rocio Romero is a Chilean-American architectural designer widely celebrated for her
well-crafted, minimalist homes and products that are both sustainable and affordable. Her iconic LV series of prefabricated homes, as well as her home accessories and furniture, are inspired by a commitment to clean lines, uncompromising quality, and efficient production and delivery.

Saint Louis, Missouri
Phone: 314-367-2500


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