Michigan Tiny Home Builders

Michigan has a growing tiny home community and it has some fantastic, professional builders to support the movement!

Here's a list of tiny home builders in Michigan.

Wasatch Tiny Homes

Wasatch Tiny Homes LLC of Grand Rapids Michigan is a Tiny Home on Wheels builder that specializes in unique, custom designed completely off-grid THOW's.

Grand Rapids, Michigan
Phone: 616-250-9523

Pixie Palace Hut Co.

Pixie Palace Hut Co Michigan Tiny Home Builder

The Pixie Palace Hut Co. is the dream of Rebecca & Larry Cameron, husband & wife

living in beautiful Northern Michigan. Rebecca originates from England and has always loved the idea of owning a shepherd's hut and convinced Larry to build her one.

Years of painstaking research including several trips "across the pond" to meet with
shepherd hut craftsman and visiting blacksmith's forges has gone into every aspect of the design and materials used to ensure maximum efficiency, beautiful aesthetics and outstanding durability whilst remaining faithful to the classic proportions. Having fulfilled her request, others came forward wanting their own Shepherd Hut retreats and so the Pixie Palace Hut Co. was formed, taking pride in creating a bespoke and unique piece of art that will stand the test of time.

Larry will craft your dream hut to the highest specifications using time honored skills in
his rural workshop in Northern Michigan. Contrary to the modern trend of modular built
structures he is proud of the time that is involved in producing each individual hut to your
specifications. Another important factor is sourcing materials for the shepherd hut from local vendors and artisans including using a small local metal fabricating company to build the running frame, a beautiful piece of engineering in itself!

Harbor Springs, Michigan
Phone: 231-838-2260

Michigan Tiny House

Michigan Tiny House is looking for like minded individuals that are interested in the tiny house movement in the Michigan area. Are you interested in learning how people can enjoy living in less than 500 sq ft? Learning to utilize every square inch can be a creative, enjoyable, and a rewarding process. Owning a tiny house has many benefits besides not paying a mortgage or substantial home repair bills. Whether you own a tiny house, are thinking of building or buying one, or are just interested in general.

Phone: ???-???-????

Blevins Building & Design

We have been in the building industry for 20 years. Blevins Building & Design started out in residential restoration and then we started adding a lot of commercial projects to our background. Blevins Building & Design has worked on residential and commercial projects of all sizes across the country. We have always been adding to our background and we have been building Tiny Houses for awhile now and have been featured on Tiny House Nation and we were fortunate enough to be selected to build the first ever double wide tiny house featured on National TV.

Our company strives to be the best at everything we do and are always trying to improve in anyway possible, our company motto of " Where honor, integrity, and commitment matter" is what guides us through each project, always striving to exceed our customers expectations. Blevins Building & Design offers many different options for the services that we provide. For residential and commercial construction we can handle everything from building from ground up to offering a building maintenance options. As a premiere Tiny House builder we have options for the budget conscious to those that want every luxury possible at their finger tips. All of our buildings are one of a kind and are built specifically for the needs of our clients.

Blevins Building & Design also provides custom options for preppers that want to have everything ready and mobile in case of a disaster. We also offer off the grid options such as solar, water collection systems, wind power, and other options are available. We hope you have enjoyed learning more about us and we look forward to working for you and making all your dreams and goals a reality.

Bellevue, Michigan
Phone: 269-967-5414


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