Maine Tiny Home Builders

Maine has a growing tiny home community and it has some fantastic, professional builders to support the movement!

Here's a list of tiny home builders in Maine.

Creative Cottages LLC

Designer builder R McAllister Lloyd, with 30 years of custom design experience, runs a small Maine company that uses environmentally sensitive building practices to create custom, energy efficient homes. Combining client’s needs with design knowledge that integrates function and intimacy by utilizing multiple uses of space.

Freeport, Maine
Phone: 207-865-6880

Tiny Homes of Maine LLC

What makes Tiny Homes of Maine different than the other tiny home builders? We can design whatever the client wants!

Your tiny home will be unique to you! Not only are we constructing finely crafted homes that will withstand the harsh Maine winters, but you can take a virtual tour
of your custom tiny home before construction even begins.

The ability to get a feel for the space and tweak the design to be absolutely perfect is priceless!

Windham Maine, 04062
Phone: 207-619-4108

Tiny Houses of Maine

Tiny Houses of Maine

Our goal is to help folks get into tiny houses. We will build for clients as well as provide trailers, shells of houses you can complete yourselves as well as tiny houses on foundations, larger tiny houses.

Also, we will help you create an Accessory Dwelling Unit on your own property. Check out the ADU's page and watch the video. Starting this fall and winter of 2016 / 2017 we will begin to offer classes and training. Check back.

South Portland, Maine 04106
Phone: 207-272-8554

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