All You Need to Know about the Natures Head Dry Compost Toilet

All You Need to Know about the Natures Head Dry Compost Toilet

When working under proper conditions, the Natures Head Dry Compost Toilet should ever let out any unpleasant odors. It is the separation of liquid and dry eliminations that holds the key to this odorless function. There is a particularly earthy-smell that accompanies the use of such a toilet and can differ slightly depending on the bulking material applied.

Keeping the head vent and head fan functioning optimally is also a good way to minimize any odors from the already discreet composting toilet. The fan and vent have an especially important task of removing the liquids from the dry compost. If you allowed these liquids to sit the smell would be fetid and typical of unwashed lavatories.

If you begin to notice your Nature's Head Self Contained Toilet is emitting unpleasant odors, there are a few very typical issues that could be in play. The first and simplest cause could be that the vent and fan are not functioning properly. Be sure your fan is plugged into a suitable power supply and remains operational. If this component is not functioning optimally, the evaporation of liquids wastes will be much slower and this leads to unpleasant odors.

Another reason for an unpleasant odor is a malfunctioning seal on the liquids containers. If you notice a strong smell of urine emanating from the toilet, take a look at these seals and make sure that your seals are snugly fitting on their containers and the lid to the Natures Head toilet is placed properly.

How often is the Nature's Head Waterless Toilet emptied?

The important thing to understand here is that the purpose of the composting container is to break down the solid wastes. Nevertheless, leaving them to collect is still not a practical option. The best idea is to have a process set down where the compost is emptied into a functioning compost pile that is used to fuel agricultural projects of any size.

The longer the compost is given to breakdown and become suitable plant food the better. Some forward-thinking owners of the dry compost toilet will allow the waste to collect over the winter before using the compost during the spring.

This will not be possible in every instance as some homes have larger requirements than can be addressed seasonally. The good news is that this compost breaks down fairly rapidly and can even be taken to the compost dump within as little as a week, you may even notice that paper products have not yet begun to decompose but will follow suit shortly.

The liquid tanks should be held for longer periods of time as per operator’s suggestions. Nevertheless, depending on individual diets and personal constitutions urine can smell especially strong and should be handled as best suits the situation.

Where Do I Empty My Nature's Head Self Contained Toilet?

You will find to separate receptacles in the Nature’s Head Dry Compost Toilet. One collects solids and the other liquid wastes. The liquid bin contains up to 2.2 gallons of waste and this will be emptied as needed. Urine is a good food for tree and can be mixed with water for a suitable plant food. 8 parts water to one part urine is the best food for plants and has no foul smells.

The compost bin will typically fill slower than the urine container and is handled very differently. The best option is dump the compost bin into a functioning compost heap that is already serving the purpose of a garden. If the toilet is applied to an RV, boat or other mobile vehicle, the disposal of the contents of the solid waste bin will have to be addressed individually and in accordance with local regulations.

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