Starting in the early 1990's, thousands of EcoJohn units have been installed around the world. With customers ranging from residential who install them in cottages, guest houses, RV's, and tiny homes to large commercial installs working with corporations, worldwide governments, disaster relief, and the US military.

EcoJohn Incineration Toilets

All EcoJohn waste incineration units are manufactured using the highest quality materials available and are built to last. EcoJohn has manufacturing capabilities to handle small to large scale orders and is ready to build you a unit anytime!

The team of experts at EcoJohn have more than 30 years' experience in waste combustion and the engineers are constantly developing new and improved solutions to ensure they provide the ultimate technology and the highest quality products for our customers.

ECOJOHN® product line consists of various efficient waste management solutions that process both black and gray water. From incineration toilets to fully manufactured mobile restrooms, modular shelters, accommodation units, and work force trailers.

The common factor between all of EcoJohn incineration toilet products is that they all are designed to operate completely off-the-grid and can essentially be installed anywhere. These products have been carefully tested and are designed to solve the existing problems in remote applications where there is no power or water available.

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